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Photo Credit: Whitney Loibner Photography

In 2007, my family and I moved to Lake Village, Arkansas in Chicot County (I refer to it as LA…lower Arkansas) smack dab on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. It’s rural. To give you bigger city folks a frame of reference…there is no Starbucks within a 90-mile radius.

My real name is Kellee Mayfield. I was nicknamed Kelly Jo shortly after we arrived and it works. The name helps southernfy me and I’ve got a lot to learn.

I am an artist, traveler, real-food-eating, sensible-shoe-wearing mother, wife and former sales representative for a medical device company.

Join me as I paint, admire art, and share the experiences that enrich our lives through travel. And I’ll  share my home base in very southeast Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta. All with a southern drawl.

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You can reach me at deltamoxie (at) gmail (dot) com.

Welcome to Delta Moxie!


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  1. Sharon Mazzanti says:

    I am enjoying reading your blog….You have a “way with words”. Keep them coming! ( The art and photos are pretty darn good too.)

  2. Jodee says:

    Sounds like a great place to live and raise a family! When we meet at BBB-St. Louis, ask me about my middle name…we have something in common! Hint: Jodee comes from my middle name! See you soon. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better!

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