Thirty Paintings in 30 Days – Day 21

Welcome to day 21 of my painting a day for 30 days. This week you’ll find me catching up on the paintings I missed this weekend. Don’t be surprised if I throw a quick guache painting or two in this mix.

Today I drove my daughter to Jackson, Miss. for a cross country meet. The course at Choctaw Trails in Clinton is a gorgeous wide trail that winds up and down hills and meanders through a canopy of trees over lush green grass.

This is my daughter’s first year to run cross country and my first experience this year as a parent at these events.

A few parents have various techniques to motivate children. My favorite technique is the parent screaming, “SHE’S BEHIND YOU! RUN FASTER!!!!! MOOOOOVE IT!!!! SHE’S GOING TO PASS YOU!!!”

I’m sure this form of encouragement is motivating for the child as well as the child that is the one behind their child. When I hear this go on, I giggle because it’s ridiculous. Everyone can hear them shouting. And above all, the child that is behind their child can hear she can possibly pass her opponent.

I’m not sure I have that technique in me and don’t think I ever will as far as yelling something like that. I might yell, “HEY, THERE’S A CUPCAKE WAITING IN THE CAR IF YOU RUN YOUR BEST! RUN, RUN, RUN! YOU’RE DOING GREAT!”

On the way back to the Delta from Jackson, the sunset was amazing. The clouds framed the light so well that clouds were golden yellow and the ground had a pink hue. The Delta has beautiful sunsets and my favorite to paint.

Here’s an abstract Delta Landscape. Golden Sky Landscape, 8×8″ oil on canvas.

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Golden Sky Landscape, 8×8″ oil on canvas. Kellee Mayfield.

Are you ready for me to complete this challenge? I’m working on two pieces for friends tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for underpaintings to dry but they are ready to go!

Tell me something good in the comments.

Thanks for being here and seeing Day 21.


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