A Painting a Day for 30 Days – Day 5

I am drawn to landscapes everywhere I go.

Y’all, when I’m out in the world, I will stop in my tracks and say out loud, “Wow, the light! God, thank you for this.” That’s when I know I have to paint that scene.

It’s the colors in the ever changing light that I want to remember forever. You’ll find me painting some of my favorite spots in different times of the day because of this reason.

Today’s painting is set at the end of Stuart Island Road in Chicot County where the asphalt road turns to dirt and the sun is setting.

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Delta Landscape at Sunset II, 6×6″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas. Kellee Mayfield

I returned from Oklahoma last night and really enjoyed seeing my family.

My grandmother and I spent a few hours together yesterday sharing a lunch of Cane’s chicken (per her request) as I showed her photos from my trips to Isreal and Italy earlier this year. Showing photos on your iPad is today’s way of boring people with a slide show way back when. I noticed I take too many photos of food which probably seems insane to normal people. Anyway, she appeared interested and made me feel special like grandmas do.

I drove back to southeast Arkansas on my spare tire which added anxiety to my trip. “Maximum speed 50 mph,” the fluorescent yellow sticker on my spare tire reads. One can get the tires for an Audi Q7, but they need to be ordered. Ordering new tires are on my list today. Buying new tires is as exciting as purchasing a vacuum cleaner in my book.

Thank you for checking out Day 5.

Do you have a favorite landscape scene? Where is it?

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I’ll see you for Day 6.


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