A Painting a Day for 30 Days – Day 3

What a day I’ve had in Mountain View. MeMe and I said our goodbyes to two friends who were making their ways home today. I hated seeing them go.

MeMe and I set up our easels on the porch and found ourselves distracted with a pool project she had on her todo list. Then we turned on the music and started painting.

I took a photo as the sun was setting on a walk down the end of my road. As I was painting this scene, I attribute the chill music mix influenced the abstractness of this landscape.

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Delta Sunset, 6×6″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas. Kellee Mayfield

Thanks for stopping by to vew the latest painting.

I’ve had a request to paint a rooster during this series. Any other suggestions to be mixed with the obiligitory landscapes I’m drawn to? (If my friend Dee Ann is reading this, I know she’ll be requesting a still life pumpkin.) Add your suggestion below in the comments. See you tomorrow.



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