One Little Word: Create

Do you ever listen for your calling? Some people know their calling. There are no questions. For me, I either feel it in my soul or it comes unsolicited from people around me. I call them signs, synchronicity, or patterns from God. I notice it.

I’m feeling called to paint. God has placed people in my life to encourage me to continue.

I started back at my job full-time this spring and I haven’t painted since. My work is a fast paced environment that I thrive in, and it can be all-life-encompassing…but I love it. I make a difference in this world. So my art has taken a back seat. I can create room for both.

Painting for me is so peaceful. When I paint, time flies. Strokes of color are fast, and in the moment everything appears as a blur and at the same time quite clear. When I stop, up close I don’t see what is on the canvas. It always looks like blotches of color to me. It’s only when I take a break, leave the room and review the piece from a distance upon returning that I pause. It takes my breath away. In a way, I’m in disbelief and feel the need for validation. With that said, every time I paint, I snap a shot and send it to my best friend, MeMe. I ask her, “is this good?” She’s one of my biggest fans. MeMe sees it before anyone else.

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I have chosen to participate in the One Little Word movement. I selected a word to focus every day this year. I’ve struggled with my choice because words truly motivate me and there are so many words! One word that stands out is Create. It works for all parts of my life.

Create, one little word, 2015 word

Create applies to many areas of my life. Create art. Create Memories. Create Relationships. Create Opportunities. Create Good. Create Patience. Create Beauty. Create Laughter. Create Solutions. Create Badassery. Create Peace. Create Magical Moments. Create Fun. Create from Nothing. Create More Statement Necklace Combinations. The possibilities to create are endless.

No one ever says, “I wish you were on Facebook more.” Here’s to a year of less Facebook (unless I’m sharing something I created with you).

So, for 2015, I’ll be creating.

Do you have a word for the year? My friend, Jacqueline Wolven, has inspired her fellow Arkansas Women Bloggers to choose a word. If you are interested in choosing a word and would like some ideas, check out her post here.

Share your resolutions and/or your word for 2015.

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  1. Lana Pugh says:

    I work at a high stress job and some nights all I want to do is come in, veg in front of the tv, and just breathe. BUT I’m also going to try and make more time for my art. Good luck on finding your balance!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Lana, I completely understand what you are saying about getting home from a long day at work and wanting to veg. And I’m one of those people that needs to recharge my battery with some relaxing time, but I’ve been consistently been doing that for a year now. I’ll come home and retreat. I’m giving up the majority of that time now. Not only has my painting suffered, but I haven’t blog much either. I feel the absence. We can be in this together. There will be times when we need to come home to relax, but I know I don’t need as much relaxing time as I had been taking. Thank you for your comment! Good luck on finding your balance as well. Here’s to creating in 2015!

  2. Jodee says:

    Great post! If these are examples of your painting, they’re beautiful and inspire a feeling of calm serenity in my soul…keep painting and being you! Thanks for sharing your word for the year…it’s perfect for you!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Thanks, Buffy! I’d be honored to have a link on your post! Love your blog! I showed Morgan horses growing up in Oklahoma. We all mucked at my house. I cherish those days! Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year!

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