Merry Christmas to You and Yours with Trees, Cards and a Selfie Stick

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

After I decorated our formal living room tree yesterday, I completed two more in our home last night before we attended a fabulous Christmas Eve Party at our neighbors. It’s a tradition.

I share the trees I decorated in the matter of hours last night.

Christmas tree decor, big star

living room christmas tree, Monogram on tree

foyer christmas tree, glitter snowflake, huge red glitter red snowflake as topper, tree topper

We adore the Christmas cards we receive. This is how we display them.

Christmas card display, display christmas cards with clothes pins, clothes pins

First thing, we open stockings. Our daughter is a morning person and summoned us at 5:15. I relish her spirit of Christmas.

Check out what was in my stocking. (My friend, Jeanetta Darley, is going to love this because I scare her with my selfies even without the following…)

every blogger needs, selfie stick

Finally, I’m still sending out Christmas cards. Spoiler alert if you haven’t received ours yet. Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings!

Christmas Card, Foil stamped, tiny prints

Photography Credit Whitney Loibner Photography

Did you get a selfie stick? Any other interesting gift you want to share? What about holiday decor? How many trees do you have? Have you ever hired someone to decorate your home for the holidays? I may consider that next year. Tell me your traditions.

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  1. Jodi says:

    Love it! Very impressed with your last-minute decorating. I would have “Let It Go”…oh wait, that’s the song that my little has played continuously for the last 24 hours! Your trees look fab. I will need tips…my goal is to decorate my own “decorative” tree next year! ha! Thanks for the card – gotta love those Mayfields!! Merry Christmas, my friend! Oh, and yes! I actually got my hubs a tripod/selfie stick for his go-pro that I will def take advantage of! 🙂

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Jodi, you can use that go-pro stick for your selfie needs. Girl, when you live in a town with The Paul Michael Company, you learn how to decorate a tree. That place keeps us up-to-date on the coolest trends as well as tricks to decorate a fancy tree! It is easy. They can do a much better job, but they let me study them. Oh, and are so helpful. I was super Grumpy Cat when I started the project yesterday. Loved your card! Did you see it in my display (on the left up mid way up). Hope you had a merry, merry Christmas!!!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Awesome! I got a fit bit from my mom. You’ll have to tell me how you like yours. And I adore monogrammed stuff!!! Lucky you! One big tree sounds amazing! Keep it at one tree! Merry Christmas, Renee!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Thanks, Grace Grits and Gardening. There are so many talented women in this are who can do this for me. I like doing it but my schedule is quite unpredictable and by hiring it out may make me feel better. I’ll consider part of it so I still feel as though I accomplished some of the decor on my own. I wanted it checked off my To Do list much earlier than Christmas Eve. Oh, well. No matter what, Christmas arrived and it was special as always (even if the trees where decorated or not)! Thanks for your comment! Means the world. Your new home looks amazing.

  2. Celeste Suitt Hayes says:

    Just found your Blog! A-dorable!
    I, too- am from ‘the Ville’ but moved away years ago- still have a foot firmly planted there tho! Love your posts! Hope to see more from you as you “Create” your way thru 2015!!!

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