Arkansas Women Bloggers Wordless Wednesday Post and Our Tree

Arkansas Women Bloggers asked me to participate in a Wordless Wednesday post and it is live. Go see what I submitted here. There are some Delta photos.

I have been working today. Then I came home and begrudgingly decorated my Christmas tree. It took about thirty minutes to begin enjoying the task. I think I was more disgusted with myself for procrastinating. If we weren’t having Christmas feast at our home tomorrow I may have decided to ditch the full on Christmas decor.

Although I’m sprinkled in glitter, I’m happy it’s completed.

Christmas tree finally decorated

This summer I read Cy Wakeman’s book, The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace and she stresses, “Suffering is Optional.” I reminded myself of her words during my task. Those words are a mantra for me in real life and the work place.

So, hop on over to Arkansas Women Bloggers and check out my Wordless Wednesday post. Leave a comment there. Did anyone else decorate their tree today like me? Thanks for reading! You are awesome!

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