Adding Text to Your Photos with Apps

Hey, there! How have you been? I’ve been movin’ and shakin’ all over the Delta and north Mississippi. I even spent less than 24 hours in Chicago for a meeting.

If you follow me on Instagram, twittertumblr (my handle is @deltamoxie for all three) or Facebook, you may have noticed photos where I’ve added a deltamoxie watermark or added words. I’ve been asked which apps I use to add words to my photos and I wanted to share the apps I use the most.

For on-the-go-text adding photo apps, I use A Beautiful Mess (ABM) ($0.99), OVER ($1.99), and most recently I was introduced to WORDSWAG ($2.99)! WORDSWAG is awesome.  The titles are stylish and easy to apply. It’s now my favorite app of the three.

photo app collage

 Created Using A Beautiful Mess (ABM)

ABM CollageCreated Using Over

over app collage

Created Using WORDSWAG (WORDSWAG is my favorite now)

wordswag collage

If I’m using my MacBook Air, I use I love it. I wrote more about it previously here.

Do you have a favorite iPhone photo app that you use that you think I’d like? Have you tried ABM, Over or WORDSWAG? What do you think? What will you create?

Post your creations and use #dmwordsonpics on twitter, instagram, Facebook, tumblr or Google+. This will be fun.






  1. Misty Leigh says:

    Kellee great blog for someone social media challenged as myself.
    I love your 4th of July pic. ;).
    I guess if I were going to get social savvy I would use A Beautiful Mess (ABM) just because I like the name of it!! Keep blogging beautiful lady, you make our lives better with your “SPARKLE”!!

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