Thanks to Strep Throat I Didn’t Know Where I Was This Time Last Week

I’m grateful for life, because last week at this time I was shivering with fever under five blankets and aching throughout every inch of my being. We didn’t know what I had. When everything hurts it is difficult to narrow down a diagnosis. It helped to know that our daughter’s friend Molly had recently recuperated from a case of strep throat so we were on the look out for white patches on the back of my throat.

Beginning Saturday night I slept. And I slept. My husband checked my cognitive status by waking me and asking about my throat. I felt around the bed covers and pillows for the thermometer  and checked my temperature while I was awake. I kept my dōTerra diffuser filled with 4 drops each of their protective essential oil blend, OnGuard and Oregano to fight the germy air inside and outside my body.

Monday was a blur as well. There was no way I could work. First of all, I still had the fever and the white patches finally appeared on my throat. (You know I made my husband snap a shot of this.)

Strep Throat, what does strep throat look like,

Which meant I was contagious and needed an antibiotic. Brad called in my prescription to Hunter’s Pharmacy and I drifted back into my delusional-fever-induced sleep. I started the antibiotics and felt better the next morning. Tuesday put me at 24 hours on antibiotics which theoretically meant I was less contagious, but I still didn’t feel twenty percent. However, I HAD TO GO TO WORK. I prayed for strength. I asked my husband to do my hair and he laughed. At work, I wore a mask and gloves to keep my germs to myself. And my hair looked like my husband did it, but he didn’t.

Late Tuesday morning my coworker texted this question. “How are you feeling?” Since I didn’t want to use profanity in my response, I sent him this photo.

how I look with strep throat, pictures say a 1000 words, What strep throat looks like, D

Around 3 p.m., I truly felt as though I was going to make it. For the rest of the week I bounced right back and hopped out of bed before 5 a.m. eager to begin my day. I hadn’t been sick like that in years and don’t wish it on any one.

As far as Lake Chicot news goes, the Arkansas Game and Fish commission along with the U.S. Army  Corps of Engineers are in the process of lowering lake’s water level to mimic the normal oxbow lake transitions which help with fish environment. With less water, it appears to expose beaches. You can read about the drawdown here.

where's the water in Lake Chicot, Lake Chicot DrawdownSo far we have found a lamp shade frame and an anchor from our mud beach. The lowering will continue for a few more months and then be allowed to fill naturally which won’t take long with all the rain we’ve been seeing. I wrote a post for Only In Arkansas about Lake Chicot. Please go check it out and share it!

Anyone else experience strep throat lately? I think I gave it to my daughter’s friend, Leah, who spent Friday and Saturday with us for a junior tennis tournament. I’m sorry, Leah.

What do you think of the lake? It’s interesting to see what’s exposed. Found anything interesting? Do tell.



  1. Misty L. Rogers says:

    Thank you for the recent post! I’ve enjoyed your blog since recently moving to Lake Village and look forward to future ones.
    I can always count on you to put a positive/sassy spin on life even with nasty strep.

    Misty L. Rogers

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