Southern (Delta) Girls Know How to Pack Heat, Too

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Do you have a concealed weapons permit? Well, taking a concealed weapons class is on my To Do list this year. I haven’t taken it yet, but I received the perfect pair of earrings hand selected from Bourbon & Boots to review and get me fired up about getting my permit.

What better gift to give a recently permitted concealed weapons carrying or gun enthusiast girl in your life? These best selling 40 Caliber Bullet Earrings or any number of bullet related gift items on Bourbon & Boots’ website.

Bullet earrings, Girls know how to pack heat too, bourbon & boots, Bourbon and Boots, Artie Keinard, bullet gifts

40 Caliber Bullet Earrings from Bourbon & Boots. Old made new again by Michael “Artie” Keinard owner of Artifacts N Relics,

Michael “Artie” Keinard created these earrings and sent them to me personally. With a kind note and everything!

Living in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, Artie owns Artifacts N Relics and he makes things. He recalls taking things apart to see how they work since he was a very small child. He has a passion for reusing and loves making old new again.

His best selling 40 Caliber Bullet Earrings are simple, understated elegance with a splash of bling in the center. Just right for me.

40 Caliber Bullet Earrings from Bourbon & Boots (clear)

40 Caliber Bullet Earrings from Bourbon & Boots (clear)

Want to see this video of  The Park Wife and myself at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show last month showing off our handpicked Bourbon & Boots bling? I ordered her Y’all Necklace because, well, I say “y’all” 10,000 times per day. She has bullet Earrings in as well.

Aren’t we cute? Or is it our cute earrings and necklace that make us cute?

Each item at Bourbon & Boots is hand selected from small hand crafted businesses. And Bourbon & Boots is Arkansas based. Their vendors are real people and people we know, like Greenville, Mississippi’s own Lea Margaret Hamilton of SoDelta Candles. I love her (and her candles)!

Can you believe Bourbon & Boots is offering Delta Moxie readers 5% OFF any item on their site? They are. Use the code: blogdeltamoxie14

Bourbon & Boots blogdeltamoxie14 5% coupon 40 Caliber Bullet Earrings Artifacts N Relics Michael "Artie" Keinard Bullet Earrings Steampunk So Delta Candles delta moxie

Now, go find your very special hand selected Southern flair item at Bourbon & Boots. Tell ’em I sent ya.

Artie, thank you for these beautiful earrings. Your creativity and your flair for making old new again is beautiful.

Disclosure: Earrings  mentioned above were provided to me to facilitate my post. As always, and for your amusement, all opinions expressed are my very own.






    • Delta Moxie says:

      katharinetrauger, Is there such a thing as too much fun? I’m glad it appears that way because we do have a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by!

      Loved your last post. Great message and very relatable to this road warrior. I’ll leave a comment over there for you.

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Jamie, You are so sweet! I’m glad I crack you up. You could totally wear those earrings. They are quite subtle. Let’s look into to doing a class together. That would be great! XXOO to you Thankful buddy!!!

  1. Lana says:

    My hubby has been after me to do this too. He has his concealed, he drives a truck cross country, and wants me to do it too. I’m really more of a rifle girl but those are hard to pack in your glove box!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Lana, can you store a rifle under your seat? Or does it need to be in the glove box? Let me know when you get your permit. Thanks for stopping by Delta Moxie! hugs!

  2. themadething says:

    Concealed is on our to do lists too! Now that we’re finally in the “getting established” phase of our lives. My parents own an archery store so weaponry kind of comes as part of the total package ;).

    Funny story about how I was “permitted” to date my boyfriend. He took me home for Thanksgiving and we did some skeet shooting. I’d never handled a shotgun in my life and they expected me to hit the ground the first time. They gave me a .410 to be on the safe side and threw the pigeon. Blam! I hit it on the first try. Of course, I didn’t even bat an eye—why WOULDN’T I hit it on the first try? After that they said, that despite I’m a Yankee, I’m allowed in their family.

    • Delta Moxie says:

      themadething, I love that story! Why WOULDN’T you hit on the first try? Love that attitude! And I’m sure growing up with bow and arrows with target practice didn’t hurt. I also shot a .410 at first. Do y’all skeet shoot? Did you move up to a bigger shotgun?

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Carla Bruns (@Realinto), Loved meeting you, too at #BBCSTL! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I adore interesting jewelry. Do you have any favorite pieces you’ve picked up lately?

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