Dockers® Sent My Husband LSU Game Day Khakis

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I have mentioned before how supportive my husband is of my blog and how he’s my biggest fan. Well, Dockers® locked in my biggest fan’s loyalty to my blogging efforts by sending us (ahem…him) a pair of their brand new Dockers® Game Day Khakis to sample and review.

First, let me tell you about my husband’s fashion sense. It’s simply…plain vanilla (Not that there is anything wrong with that). His attire tends to be more on the conservative side. So when he agreed to test these new pants, I was under the impression I ordered the Traditional British khaki.

Then the package arrived and I wished I had ordered the gold color. Well, my wish came true. My eyes smiled as I removed the bright gold colored khakis from the package. I anticipated what my husband was going to say.

As he walked in from work, he could tell I had something exciting to tell him. After the niceties of yes, we both had a nice day, blah, blah, blah. He asked what I was grinning about.

“Remember when I registered you to receive those Dockers® Game Day  Khakis?,” I reminded him.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Here they are.” (And I presented a pair of sunshine colored pants for him and waited for a reaction.)

He inspected the tasteful incorporation of the team colors and logo. The back right pocket features an embroidered school emblem and printed inside the internal waistband is the teams rallying cry.

Y’all, Brad loved them, as much as I did. Next thing I knew, this man was pitching blog post angles to me. One was “how to wear these Dockers® Game Day Khaki’s for every season and every sport,” as he marched in his closet to gather ensembles for the blazing hot first home football game to the frigid late November games…and everything in between. And there are baseball games, basketball, soccer…the list continued. He mentioned wearing them for “Watch Parties” when we are at home.

Those of you who know this man personally, know you’ll be seeing him in these gold pants around these parts.

Dockers® Game Day Khakis, LSU pants, LSU fashion, LSU khakis

Dockers® Game Day Khakis can easily be dressed up for higher stake events, dressed down for more casual settings and worn to almost any occasion.

So he liked the look of the pants, but how did they feel?

He said they felt great and fit well. (Men, you have pant sizes down. Why can’t women sizing be the same?)

Overall, he gave two thumbs up and a Geaux Tigers cheer.

Dockers® Game Day Khakis, LSU pants, LSU attire, LSU fashion

These are the Game Day Classic Khakis in the Louisiana State University official color for a bolder look.

Dockers® Game Day Khaki lucky pants

Want to know more?

The Dockers® brand has announced the US launch of its Game Day Khakis collection, a new line of khaki pants specific to 10 college partners including Louisiana State University, University of Minnesota, Oregon State University, Texas A&M University, University of Georgia, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, University of Missouri and Washington State University.

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The brand’s first collection of licensed college apparel will consist of two different khaki styles that incorporate the college colors, logos and mottos. Blending the rich traditions of college sports with the versatility of Dockers® signature styles, Game Day Khakis give fans the ability to express team pride through their everyday wardrobe.

The Dockers® Game Day Khakis collection features two of the brand’s quintessential khaki styles: the Game Day Alpha Khaki, for a modern slim and tapered fit, and the Game Day Classic Khaki, which offers a more classic silhouette. Each product is available in traditional British Khaki and the schools official color for a bolder look.

Go like the Dockers® on Facebook and follow Dockers® on Twitter @Dockers with #GameDayKhakis. Let them know if you have team you’d like to be represented like Arkansas, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Mississippi State or any other worthy universities.

Dockers® Game Day Khakis will be available for men on, and at select Macys stores. The Alpha Game Day Khaki will have a suggested retail price of $78.00 and the Classic Game Day Khaki for $68.00.

I’m impressed with the quality and the fact that my husband cherishes this new addition to his LSU gear. Thank you Dockers®.

I know my husband will be wearing his new gold LSU embroidered Dockers® Game Day Khakis as he watches LSU play Iowa in the Outback Bowl in Tampa come New Year’s Day.

What do you think? Which team do you wish Dockers® offered? Let me know in the comments. Why can’t women’s pant sizing be as easy?



  1. Delta Moxie says:

    Dana, Which color? Ole Miss could go with the blue or red and look incredible. #HottyToddy #wintheday Hey, Dockers® Don’t forget to make some #GameDayKhakis for my Ole Miss friends, too. And, Happy New Year!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Meranda, thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words! Aren’t those Game Day Khakis fun? Send me your link to your review! I’ll tell my husband you liked his digs! We had fun with this post and he covets those lucky pants! Have a great day!

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