How to Stain Sanded Pastel Paper

I normally use a tinted Ampersand Pastelbord for my pastel work. The tints really work for me as I apply color. If I use sanded paper, like a 500 or 600 grit, I also prefer it to be tinted. The tint adds mid tone colors to a painting and makes the colors more intense. Here’s a simple DIY tutorial on how to stain your own sanded pastel paper to achieve this look.

Gather your supplies.

supplies mineral spirits stain


Do not shake or stir your stain as it will make the color concentration too dark.


staining pastel paper, DIY

staining pastel paper, sanded pastel paper tinted


Staining your sanded pastel paper

Do not shake or stir the stain before pouring into your container.

If the tint appears darker than you prefer, add mineral spirits to your stain container.

Go paint something awesome.


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