Give Me My Very Personal Stylist

Remember Harold’s? That was my favorite clothing store to shop when I was in college and throughout my adult life until they closed in 2008. My wardrobe and my style spirit went into a downward spiral. I’m more of a traditional dresser with a little flair, but staple items have been absent from my closet. To this day I still have items from Harold’s that I treasure and will keep. Many days I wear scrubs to work, but there are times when I need to look professional. It’s difficult to find well made/cut pieces in my area. Look for a fine white button down shirt and you won’t find it here. Brooks Brothers has been a great resource for better-made, conservative items but I was missing something.

This spring I received an email from J. Crew about their Very Personal Stylist service. I responded to the email and scheduled an appointment with the Very Personal Stylist at their Little Rock store. This extremely approachable stylish woman, Laurie Holman, embraced me and sparked that sense of style in me that I had lost. We spent a good two hours trying different outfits that I would have never felt courageous enough to wear. I bought some key pieces and I have worn them all spring, summer and into the fall. Laurie generously wrote out each combination of options to wear. I still reference her notes even though I can now walk in my closet and confidently build a look. For instance, I can wear a purple and white striped button down shirt with navy polka dot skinny jeans, black cowboy boots and a leopard belt. (I would not choose this particular ensemble for work, but I sure can for other occasions.) And I can layer pieces like nobody’s business.

This week, Jodi from The Coffee House Life and I met in Little Rock and I introduced her to Laurie at J. Crew. I loved watching Laurie work with her and finding pieces that Jodi could walk in her closet and be excited to wear with lots of options. Jodi was open to Laurie’s styling tips that are classic and said, “If you walked into a party or restaurant, I would look at you and think, she’s got great style.”

jodie laurie collage


I love Laurie. Through the last few months we discovered we know some of the same people. ย She gave me her cell phone number and she’s my friend on Facebook. Heck, she even likes the Delta Moxie Facebook Fan Page.

J. Crew Very Personal Stylist

Photos courtesy of Jodi Coffee of The Coffee House Life

Jodi and I enjoyed a great day discovering new styling tips and adding a few pieces to our wardrobes. There were some incredible items in the sale section with an extra 25% off. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Thank you, Laurie for bringing style back to my life. You have a true gift and create a world with more flair.

three of us

Jodi, I had so much fun!

Does anyone else miss Harold’s as much as I do?

Do you have natural flair for style? I need help and I appreciate those with the gift. Have you worked with a J.Crew stylist? What was your experience?




  1. Delta Moxie says:

    Grace Grits and Gardening, I love your sense of style! No way would Stacey London throw your clothes in a big bucket. Thanks for saying I have “more than a ‘little flair’…that’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to me today! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope your weekend went well. Loved seeing your photos!

  2. Whitney says:

    You have definitely inspired me with your fun sense of fashion and I would have never guessed it wasn’t a natural gift for you! I’ll be trying out more pattern mixing combinations in the future for sure!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Whitney, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’m finding my way with this fashion stuff and feeling more confident. Yes, go pattern on pattern. When my daughter was five she told me that I needed to dress more “random.” lol. She even told her kindergarten teacher she dressed me every day. (I did let her pick out some crazy outfits for me a few times). Let me know what items you put together! Have fun!!!

  3. Jodi says:

    This was so fun! I have used a personal stylist before, and I love how they help you come up with new ideas with a “twist”! Laurie was SO helpful and a ton of fun! Can’t wait ’til next time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Ya, you were looking like this wasn’t your first rodeo. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you notice I referenced the photos to you? I appreciate you allowing me to use them for this post. I can’t wait to see you in Helena in October! So excited. Thanks for stopping by Delta Moxie and commenting!!! big hugs! xxoo Kellee

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