Dove Hunt Season and The Paul Michael Company Website Party

Something epic occurred at 12:01 am today. The Paul Michael Company went live with their new e-commerce website and it coincided with the Michael’s 15th Annual Opening of Dove Hunting Season Party.

The Paul Michael Company is a family owned and operated home decor company which is based right here in Lake Village. They have four locations in Lake Village, Ark., Monroe and Lafayette, La. and Canton, Texas. We are honored to call Paul and Debbie friends and share their enthusiasm to expand their business to the world!

This video explains it all.


Many of my Arkansas Women Blogger friends who attended BlissDom will recognize Samantha and Debbie.


Paul Michael Company crew


It was an Opening of Dove Hunting Season Party as well. Lucia Deen (you saw her in the video above) created this hat and it was perfect for the occasion.


Debbie Michael PaulMichaelCompany


And no party at the Michael’s is complete without an incredible spread of the best food.


Paul Michael Company swag.


Paul Michael Company


Go check out my friends at The Paul Michael Company. I was in no way compensated for this post. These are my friends and they do so much for our rural community. I adore them and I know you will, too.

Have you been to a Paul Michael Company store? Which one is your favorite? Have a favorite employee? Seen something you covet?

Check out the Paul Michael Company website here.

Twitter: @Paul_Michael_Co

Facebook: The Paul Michael Company

Pinterest: PaulMichaelCo

YouTube: Paul Michael

On a side note: I gave Paul this painting of the Delta Rice Field and they have it hanging in their foyer. Wow!

Delta Rice Field Painting


  1. MinivanMomma says:

    It took me until the lady with the doves in her hair before I stopped reading Paul MITCHELL. At that point, I thought, “What the heck is Paul Mitchell doing all this dove business for??!” It’s been a rough week. 🙂 Great pics!

  2. Ashley Ederington says:

    We have never been in the store, but we pass it on the way to Florida. My nephew’s name is Paul (first name) Michael (middle name) and we made him get his picture made by the sign at like 6 in the morning (he was thrilled). Maybe one year it will be a decent hour when we pass by, and we can stop!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Cara, Thanks for reading! We used to live in Mountain View and visited Mountain Home frequently. I love that part of Arkansas as well! My husband is from Stuttgart. I’ll post some pics of pretty rice fields for ya. They’re about to droop and turn that fabulous golden color. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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