My Favorite Mosquito

In Southeast Arkansas, there are lots of mosquitoes. And they are fierce, bloodthirsty, annoying, buzzing, stealth and slap resistant. I’m telling you these mosquitoes just seem to morph back into shape after slapping them into walls or other surfaces. They require a forceful, hand-stinging slap. These suckers aren’t delicate.

This is the little stowaway that found its way into my car today.

Mosquito, southeast Arkansas, Delta Mosquitoes

Nothing like a mosquito in the car

Don’t leave your car doors open very long…even during the daytime.

mosquito, southeast Arkansas, Delta, Tiger Mosquito, favorite mosquito

My favorite mosquito is a dead mosquito.

I’ve created a category “Mosquitoes” because I am passionate mosquito hater.

I even play devil’s advocate and consider what the world would be missing if mosquitoes didn’t exist. Can you think of anything pro mosquito?

Sometime, I’ll tell you about the family that moved to the Delta and we forgot to tell them about the mosquitoes. Oops. Perhaps we avoid the mosquito subject with people we want to move here?

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