My Floss Face with Oral-B® Glide Floss

Growing up my dentist told me that I didn’t have to floss all of my teeth…Just the ones I wanted to keep.

Since I started drinking green smoothies with added ground flax seed and/or chia seeds, I find myself flossing much more these days because those seeds become lodged between my teeth.

Green Smoothie ground flax seed chia seeds

Since I’m usually drinking my green smoothie on the way to work,  I floss in the privacy of my car. I attempt to keep my flossing discreet.  Don’t be shocked if you see me sitting in a parking lot flossing.

The folks at Oral-B makers of Glide PRO-HEALTH Clinical Protection Floss in the Fresh Mint sent me a package to sample and review.

Floss Face Oral-B® Glide Floss Pro Health

Oral-B® Glide Floss

I used it and continue to use it. I was surprised how much I liked it.

As I have grown older, my teeth seem to be shifting and some spots are getting bigger and some are getting much tighter.

With conventional dental floss, it is quite difficult to slide the floss in these tight spots. With the Oral-B PRO-HEALTH Clinical Protection Floss, the flat, ribbon-like floss easily glides in these spots.

No problems.

And the floss has a refreshing fresh mint taste.

Oral-B® Glide Floss Review Floss Face

So now it’s easy for me to floss all of my teeth. Call me crazy, but I want to keep all of them.

Do you have a Floss Face? Here’s mine.

Oral-B® Floss Face Glide Floss

I submitted this photo to Oral-B® Floss Face. Show your Floss Face to win a tablet PC. Up to 5,000 first-time Floss Face entrants who submit an eligible entry will win Glide product and swag. (Remember swag is free stuff!) Show your Floss Face here.

Thank you to my friends and loved ones who alert me to the fact I have flax or chia seeds lodged in my smile. I know you’d tell me if my pants were unzipped, too. I appreciate you!

Where do you floss?

 I participated in this sponsored campaign for One2One Network. I received monetary compensation and product to facilitate my post, but all opinions stated are my own.


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