My thoughts and prayers go out to Moore, Oklahoma. For a couple of years, I attended elementary school and junior high in Moore.  My aunt lives in Moore. She is safe and her house is still standing.

My first job out of college was working in public relations for the American Red Cross in Tulsa, Oklahoma and it changed my life forever. They do good work. The Oklahoma chapters see too many disasters.


American Red Cross. Donate. Or volunteer.



My creative friend, Missi Jay created this image. She is one of my OU sorority sisters and she owns Gigglebox. Missi created this yesterday as she watched the reports. This image brings me hope during a time of devastation to our home state.

Oklahoma, oklovehoma, Missi Jay, gigglebox

I changed my Facebook profile photo to this and I’d like to give credit to Sturdy Stitches for creating it.

Although we are a small company in a small town, we would like to do our part! Order your tee today! $10 each. Choose your color Gildan tee with the attached image. Proceeds will be donated to the Moore effort. Contact us via facebook private message, comment, email us at tsturdivan@sturdistitches.com or call/text at 405-317-4450.

Keep Moore in your thoughts and prayers.





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