Mud the Movie and Southeast Arkansas

When a movie is made in your area, what do you do?

The Jeff Nichols’ coming of age independent film, Mud, starring Matthew McConaughey, Sam Shepard, Tye Sheridan and Reese Witherspoon was filmed in southeast Arkansas in November 2011 and our area was star struck.

Matthew McConaughey Mud

From Mud-The Movie

When Mud was released, it wasn’t showing in any local theaters. So we loaded up Pearlie Mae, my Prius v, and drove to the big city of Little Rock to see it. On the way from Lake Village, we stopped in Dumas and picked up Cassie Jo and reenacted a scene from the movie.

Reese Witherspoon Mud the Movie

From Mud-The Movie

Mud: We're badasses like Reese Witherspoon

In the movie, Reese was in room 210 at the Executive Inn in Dumas. Do you think anyone will stay there just for the reason that Reese was in there? The Trip Advisor review isn’t stellar but there’s always room for improvement.

We arrived to the movie theater just before it began and the theater was packed. The only seats left were on the front row. That is a little too close for me but I loved the movie. Not only was it enjoyable to see local landmarks, the movie was good and worth seeing. I will definitely be watching it again and can’t wait for my husband to see it.

It brought back great memories of when our town and surrounding areas were buzzing with star sightings and movie rumors.

When Matthew was staying and filming at a local hunting camp, I got to see which of my friends had stalker tendencies. This person is a huge fan of Matthew and even tried to detour him to her house. Pretty darn moxie-licious (I just made that up) if you ask me.

Matthew McConaughey Mud

My friend positioned this sign along the route the film crew used to access a local hunting camp.

Have you seen the movie Mud yet?

You gotta love a movie about the mighty Mississippi River and Arkansas.


  1. Rose says:

    Your friend may have put the sign up, but it has Kelly Jo written all over it!!!!! You love to have yourself some fun, don’t ya?

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Rose, too funny! I was really impressed when she made that sign. Sure is something I would have done. Oh ya, I try to have fun. Makes life much more enjoyable…don’t ya think?

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m sorry, did you write something? My brain is still addled by that photo at the top. I would just like to add that if you could work it out that I could eat The Pantry’s bacon wrapped dates of his abs, I’d be like, eternally grateful. I’ll try to read what you wrote again later but I’m not promising I’ll get past the pecs. I mean pic.

  3. Karen W says:

    I want to see this movie, but we don’t exactly get new releases around here. Will have to hit it up when it lands in the local Redbox!

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