Lake Chicot Sunset

The sunsets are just beautiful setting across Lake Chicot from our backyard. And every sunset seems different depending on the clouds and the time of year.

Lake Chicot Lake Village Arkansas Sunset

I’m considering installing a webcam to take sunset shots to upload to my blog but I have no idea how to do that.

The webcam idea came from my friend Steve Garufi of Colorado Guy. He biked across America a few years ago and we met later in person when he drove through Lake Village. We met on Twitter. He has a huge Twitter following @SteveGarufi with 12,998 followers and he’s a huge Arkansas fan. (Help get him to 13,000 followers.)

He once had a daily webcam shot of gorgeous mountains where he lived. Now he lists his favorite webcams across Colorado on his site.

As I mentioned earlier, Steve is the one who suggested that I setup a webcam of Lake Chicot at a time when I didn’t consider writing a blog was in my realm of possibility (and I was afraid of Twitter). Now look at me.

Any ideas? Do you have a webcam? Anyone have a wireless webcam?

Isn’t that a pretty sunset?

Have a great day!


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