Blissdom Exceeded My Expectations

I did Blissdom’13 last week. And I’ll do it next year, too.

Blissdom is national conference for bloggers who find and express their bliss by publishing online. It was held at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas and I had the most amazing experience.

This year’s theme was ‘Leading the Way’. And the theme rang true for me as I attended inspiring and motivational workshops and keynote speaker presentations. And I made friendships with other bloggers across the country.

I’ll showcase my summary in photographs and will expand on topics in additional posts.

In preparing my trip I made some plans. I ordered Delta Moxie business cards to exchange with my new friends.

blog business card

I planned my food. I don’t know if you remember, but I don’t eat processed food, sugar, white flour or anything artificial (90% of the time). To make sure I get lots of nutrition I start my day with a 32 ounce green smoothie. I made six green smoothies and froze them.

Then I needed an ice chest/cooler which led me to craft some ice chest/cooler cuteness. I painted a custom Blissdom cooler for my green smoothies. It isn’t perfect, but that is what makes it perfect.


I found my chalk paint and wrote “#blissdom or bust” on my rear window for fellow drivers on my route to Dallas. I was excited I tell ya!


Blissdom was like Arkansas Women Bloggers but bigger (like 750 more bloggers bigger). I found the other bloggers to be supportive of each other…and they are like me! It is a wonderful feeling.

Look at the Arkansas Women Bloggers! It was wonderful to see everyone. I’m in front standing next to Alli Worthington who co-founded Blissdom. Wow!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie McCratic at

Photo courtesy of Stephanie McCratic at

I gave myself a Blissdom registration for Christmas and told my friends at the Paul Michael Company in Lake Village to come with me…and they did! Here is Debbie Michael, Samantha Craig and me Friday morning hamming it up in a big coffee mug.

coffee cup

I was introduced to One2One Network. One2One Network is an online women’s network that works with major brands to create fun blog and social media campaigns in parenting, food, beauty, entertainment, tech, toys and more.

I won an Apple TV from One2One by registering and spinning a wheel for chances to win from a wide array of items. There will be a separate post about winning my Apple TV. It is a story.

One thing on my blog to-do list was to get professional headshots taken. I can mark that task off my list now.The One2One Network sponsored a Bliss Beauty Suite with a coffee bar, Alberto VO5 Salon Bar, NYX Cosmetics Makeup Bar and Kate Mackley Media taking complimentary professional headshots. I love them.

What do you think? Kate did a great job

One2One Network, Kate Mackley Media HeadshotDuring the conference, not only did I get to know and meet celebrities, I got a picture with them, too!

Here I am with some All My Children cast members.

kelly jo with all my Children stars

This is Samantha with Robert Scott Wilson of All My children. It was her birthday!

Samantha and Robert Scott Wilson

Here I am with a Minion from the upcoming animated film, Despicable Me2. I tried to bring him home with me. My daughter can’t wait for this movie!

Despicable Me 2 Minion and Kelly JoOh look! It’s me with some of my favorite actors on Suburgatory. Don’t you love my shirt? Yay, Arkansas Women Bloggers!

Jeremy Sisto, Ana Gasteyer, Suburgatory, Kelly Jo

Here is the Blissdom swag. Swag is lingo for free stuff companies give out to bloggers. One of the brands represented was Cutter Insect Repellent which would love the Delta and our famous mosquitoes.

Blissdom swag

Scott Stratten, of and author of UnMarketing as well as The Book of Business Awesome, passionately shared key concepts of business, branding, social media, customer service, public relations in today’s world. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been all “organized tech savvy mom”. He was exceptional. And I’m enjoying his new book.

Scott Stratten The Book of Business Awesome The Book of Business UnAwesome

John Acuff, and author of Quitter as well as his new book, Start as a Blissdom attending exclusive. He shared “The starting line is the only line I control.” His new book addresses how to punch fear in the face and to do work that matters. Works for me.

john acuff book

I met amazing women.

My fabulous roommates were Samantha Craig from The Paul Michael Company, Sarah E. White from (Our Daily Craft) and Jasmine at the and We are forever bonded.

I also got to know my Arkansas Women Blogger friends better.

I wish everyone had been there with me.

What was your favorite part of Blissdom? Do you have plans to attend a blogging conference? Which is your favorite? Do want to start a blog?

I have a scheduling conflict and won’t be able to attend the conference in Northwest Arkansas in May. My Blissdom roommate, Jasmine is coordinating it and it is a big deal.

I’ll for sure be attending Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference in September in Little Rock.

Do I have any Mississippi bloggers?


    • Delta Moxie says:

      Thank you, Scott! Thanks for keepin’ it real. Love your book. Of course, I started on the Book of UnAwesome first. You were awesome!

      (Oh my gosh, ya’ll…Scott Stratten just left a comment on my blog! Super cool!)

  1. amandajanebrown says:

    Love your wrap-up!! Excited to read them all as they pop up this week! So wish I could have gone, I know y’all had a blast! I’m hoping to get to the AWBU conference in Sept.
    And I LOVE Paul Michael’s! I am from MS, so I make Paul Michael’s my stopping point on our way to jackson from LR every trip.

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Amanda, thank you! I wish you could have gone as well. The one’s who went will share what we learned. I love Paul Michael’s, too! I’d meet you there next time you drive through. You’ll have to look for Debbie or Samantha when you stop by Paul Michael’s. They would love it!
      XOXO, Kellee

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Stephanie, My car was in the garage all weekend. Would that not been hilarious if ya’ll would have seen me on the road? Thanks for your comment. For sure, we’ll stay in touch! Kellee

  2. Angie says:

    Great headshots! I love your wrap up. I loved all of it, but I will confess to having watched All My Children for many years, so that picture with the stars makes me REALLY wish I’d been there and I already did wish that! But it’s Dixie!

  3. Kate Mackley says:

    Aw, you’re so sweet! I had SO MUCH FUN shooting everyone at Blissdom, that I had only one regret – I couldn’t leave the “gossamer studio” and the One2One suite to do anything else. What an amazing event. Thanks for all your kind words, and see you next year! – Kate

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