A Spring Sports Post by Request

One of my loyal, local readers requested a post regarding sports and I said sure. (A request? How cool is that?)
So I asked my go-to-expert for sports and asked if he’d contribute a post.
Meet my husband, Brad as he shares his view of sports this time of year.

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Spring Sports Post by Request

by Brad

This time of year, a lot of folks think of March Madness.

Here in the South, this time of year is also called something else…Spring Football Season. Yes, the SEC is a football conference, and I have a pretty notable indifference to basketball, but there is something else that spring brings…that would be baseball.

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Now, I know many of you get the yawns at the mention of baseball, especially when it comes to watching on TV, but below a certain latitude, baseball is a serious season for the college ranks.

Major League Baseball may be boring to some, but check out a college contest sometime if you can.  The players are enthused.  They still hustle to first base on grounders, they run off the field at the end of the inning, and get seriously fired up overall.

Most of the players at that level won’t be seen in the big leagues, but they enjoy what they’re doing while they have the opportunity, and that’s what makes it fun to watch.

Do you have a post request? Let me know. Tell Brad what you think.

Brad, I appreciate your contribution. I look forward to our DVR queue being filled with games you will watch with zeal.

And thank you loyal, local reader for requesting!

I’m working on a summary post of BlissDom, a national blogging conference, I attended…so look for it soon!

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  1. gina says:

    I’m with you, Brad. Watching college baseball is refreshing after witnessing the professionals haggle over crazy, outrageous contracts (did my fiance just mention 7-year-$180 million contract?) and story after story of steroid use. It’s depressing. College teams still love the game for what it is.

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