Mississippi River Marathon and TFA

February 9 was a big day in the Delta.

There were runners from 40 states that competed in the Inaugural Mississippi River Marathon. It started at the end of our road in Lake Village, AR and ended in downtown Greenville, Miss. This marathon and half marathon counts as completing marathons in two states since it started and finished in separate states. I have learned that some people have a goal to run a marathon in every state.

Our local Lake Village Mississippi Delta Teach For America teachers organized this marathon. Go see what Teach For America is doing in the Delta here.


image from http://msrivermarathon.com

My daughter and I both volunteered. Here are some pictures on our way to mile marker 8 at the junction of Highways 82 & 65.

course1 course2

At the last minute the marathon organizers asked if some of us at mile marker 8 could help down the road. I volunteered and left Emmy at mile marker 8 with the Chicot Memorial Medical Center crew and her second mom, Ms. Leigh and her college-aged best friend, Miss Frances.


porta potty

The race organizers Start2Finish. That’s Joe waving to me. They were wonderful!

marathon Fairies

I found my friend TDS (he didn’t want me to use his real name on my blog) at mile marker 11. TDS is one of the people that always calls me Kelly Jo. Jeremy was also stationed with us. TDS told me more than once he had watched the video about proper marathon water station volunteerism. I took notes and practiced balancing a cup of Gatorade or water on my hand as he pretended to be a runner. After the first runner arrived, we even had a performance review discussion. What could we have done better? Our corporate folks that we work for would be so proud.

first runner mile marker 11

At one point I said, “We need music. Go open your truck doors and play some jams, TDS.”


We had it going on at mile marker 11 with our music and special signs TDS’ wife created “No Zombies” and “HAP-PAY, HAP-PAY, HAP-PAY”.


TDS’ wife was at mile marker 10 with the Boy Scout Troop. I wish I had a picture of them because I heard they had an awesome water station as well.

As runners arrived, TDS and I became competitive with our cheering. As the first girl arrived, I yelled, “GIRL POWER”; “Ooooh…and I love your shoes!”; “RUN”; “Keep Going”; and “You’re almost to the bridge”.

Then TDS would yell, “I LOVED YOUR SHOES FIRST”.

It was fun!

Did I mentioned it was really cold and windy? It was.

I think mile marker 11 did a great job.

milemarker11musicwaterpottiesWhat was our porta potty contest? TDS kept a tally of how many people used the potty. Girls vs. Boys. More boys used the potties. Girl Power!

Here’s some more Girl Power!


Here’s a great story from WXVT Channel 15 Greenville, Miss. Our incredible Lake Village Mayor JoAnne Bush is at :17. My daughter is at :48 (2 seconds of fame)!  So proud and she didn’t even watch the water station volunteering video.

Did you see our new bridge? We love it!

From the Mississippi River Marathon Facebook page, I found the following facts:

  • Half Marathon: 831 Runners
  • Full Marathon: 433 Runners
  • Runners from 40 States
  • 344 runners (19.3%) were from within 60 miles of Greenville
  • 922 runners (80.7%) were from outside Greenville
  • 1st Place went to Wojciech Kopec 2:30:02.80
  • 1st Place female went to Erica Singleton 3:24:24.75

See the results here

Mark your calendars for next year! Let’s have the Kick Off Dinner in Lake Village.


image from http://msrivermarathon.com

Thank you Teach For America.

Did you run in the marathon? Are you one of those folks whose goal is to run a marathon in every state? What did you think of the marathon?


  1. Whitney says:

    Thank you so much for volunteering! Happy, cheering volunteers truly make a huge difference during a race. It sounds like your group put on a great 1st year race…those numbers are impressive for the 1st year. I’ll have to keep this one on my radar for next year.

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Whitney, thanks for stopping by! The response to the the marathon was incredible. All the credit goes to Teach For America for the success. I had a great time volunteering and I will volunteer again. The runners were amazing. Please add it to your list of possible marathons.

  2. MinivanMomma says:

    I’ve been in 2 races (5Ks). I choked at both water stations in both races/runs. Did you video tell you what to do when someone chokes on water at a water station? ‘Cause no one knew. Not one person slapped me on the back. Not one. 😉

    • Delta Moxie says:

      That’s wild. Oh, I don’t think choking was on the video. If that happened, I’d have to breakout my version of the Heimlich maneuver. Yay for you for running! I’d so cheer “Girl Power” to you.

  3. Dr. Lisa Marotta says:

    I have never run a marathon, but my daughter and I did our first (only?) 5K in January. WE LOVED the water folks and cheerful volunteers, they really kept us pumped and hydrated. Could the lurking TDS have influenced the porta potty results? Just a thought. No plans to do a marathon in any state, but love the alternative concept of being an enthusiastic water volunteer!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Dr. Lisa Marotta, thank you for your comment and stopping by! We were so excited for the runners and appreciate you sharing your experience from a runner’s perspective. Only a 5K? That is a big deal! You did it! Yay, you! Also, TDS was our main water/Gatorade volunteer and was busy. He’s a great guy and is really aware of his surroundings. So then we made his observations a game. Find a race around you (or away) and let them know you’d like to volunteer…you know if you aren’t running in it. It was a great experience and I recommend it.

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