Minivan Momma is Featuring Lil O’ Me

Today’s the day! The is featuring me on her blog today!

Yep, the very woman who makes me laugh  out loud with every post asked me to write a post for her blog!  Minivan-Momma is a bloggin’ big deal with books, tv appearances, daughters 1 & 2, The Dad and of course the sacred minivan.


Click on the image to read what I shared on today!

And you will not believe what I did and wrote about. It’s a suspenseful, true Kelly Jo story with Delta Moxie spirit that may have you throwing down a gavel in judgement. CLICK HERE to read my story and get to know Minivan-Momma while you are there. She’s funny. She’s real. I’ve seen her in person.

And her featuring me makes me kind a big deal…just sayin’. I am beyond honored and down-right giddy with glee. Scoot the seat up for this short-legged driver as I take her minivan on a road trip!

Read the story here…

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