Why I’m Not a Super Model

Scarred knee

It looks totally normal. Well, there are those scars from a dirt bike/motorcycle wreck I endured when I was 13. I remember my mom was really upset about that accident. She knew right then and there that I would have no future as a super model due to the impending scar destined to my left knee. Really? A super model? May I add that there could have been other circumstances that kept me from pursuing the cat walk? For instance, if you’ve seen me in real life, I’m what is described as a lil’ bit. I’m barely 5’1″ and I was unaware that my mom considered modeling a career possibility for me. Moms are like that…and I get that now that I’m a mom.

So back to my knee injury. There was no skin left on my knee and it’s amazing that it healed as it did. (The human body is amazing.) It looks as though there were two separate areas, but there weren’t. The skin was gone. In hindsight, long pants would have been more protective limb coverage rather than a wet swimsuit. I was fearless and was heading back from the lake to the cabin for lunch and lost control. For the rest of the summer, my knee healed and I wore a leg immobilizing knee brace for weeks. Surprisingly, as I grew my knee was fine and I partcipated in many sports and activities with no problem.

Fast forward about 30 years (I cannot believe that math is correct), I suffered a partial ACL tear on that same knee on June 13 while playing tennis. My doctor and I decided not to do surgery and I was prescribed a custom ACL brace for high impact sports and activities.

Custom ACL Brace

Before I could get back on the courts in late summer, I attempted an olympic inspired dive (with all of the fancy arm moves) and I believe I injured my knee more. I’ve been taking it easy since then. I’ve even given my high heels to my friends who share my shoe size.

Now, I’m really scared to play tennis again. I’m scared to run. I’m scared to do many things.

Last Tuesday, I was walking into a clinic for work and stepped off a curb. With that one step, my knee felt as though it was a thread away from separating the top from bottom part of my leg. I’m scheduled to get an MRI this week to finally confirm if I injured it more. And I may be open to actually having surgery if necessary.

Also, last week it rained buckets. I had such an urge to run (and run a long time) when I walked into my daughter’s play room and saw this.

Have you ever stepped onto soaking wet carpet? It's squishy and makes a splash sound with every step. This was repaired the following morning.

Have you ever stepped onto soaking wet carpet? It’s squishy and makes a splash sound with every step. This was repaired the following morning.

I need to get my knee feeling better. Running would have made me feel better in that moment. Or playing tennis.

And, no I didn’t pursue a career as petite super model.

Do you have an injury that is keeping you in fear or keeps you in pain? How far would you go to heal your injury?


  1. Margo says:

    I so identify with your knee! I fell down at Sea World when my flip-flops went out from under me on the wet cement at the Dolphin-petting pool! I went down on my right knee like I was genuflecting to take Communion! That was close to 35 years ago and I never complained to Sea World, we just went to a concession stand and got me a cup of ice and I sat on a bench icing my knee, then we left. Crap! I could’a OWNED Sea World if I was the kind to sue! Ever since then I’ve had problems with my knee, and ended up having surgery on it when I tore my meniscus while wearing a new pair of heels at work! Like I said, I identify with your wobbly knee and flat shoes! And I drool at the trashiest, highest platform heels I see in the stores… it’s a good thing I can’t wear them anymore, or you’d see me coming a mile away as I walked down the street in my 4″ gold glitter heels!! Maybe my knee actually saved me from being too much more “over the top” than I already am! 🙂

    Love your blog girlfriend! 🙂

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Margo, Thanks so much for your comment. Your description of genuflecting is priceless and so perfect! You would have been a great Sea World owner.

      Damn, high heeled shoes. Why do they have to look so fabulous? How long will it be until I’m wearing SAS shoes? No offense, Grandma and SAS. Okay, the “Easier” loafer is growing on me. Think I could rock that? My Grandma prefers the Classic or the Bounce styles.

      Who makes your comfortable shoes?

      • Margo says:

        SAS or loafers? Not me!! Cute flats, flat sandals or tennis/running shoes! Or, in most cases, flip-flops! When I first had to stop wearing heels, you couldn’t find CUTE flats anywhere, but they’re all over the place now… Famous Footwear has some darling ones… Ross, too, I think! Unless I get a job as a nurse or a nanny, you’ll never see me in practical shoes! It just won’t happen! 😉

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Thank you, Cassie baby! I miss you, too. Had my MRI today. One day maybe I’ll challenge you to a very competitive singles tennis match (if this knee gets better). Oh…that reminds me of some good times! Must see you soon!

  2. JamiesThots says:

    I was born with a permanent disability yet I can totally relate to this. I have a bad hip (related to the disability) that is getting worse and worse to where I can’t do nearly as much as I could. I miss having the level of activity that I did have! I hope and pray that the doctors are able to find a solution that is affordable and reasonable.

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Thank you for sharing Jamie. I’m sorry for your pain. Even though I may not be able to participate in certain activities I have a passion for, I’m open to the possibilities of other activities that I can experience. I hope we both find doctors to heal both of us as well…affordable and reasonable would be ideal! Take care and we’ll both pray for healing.

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