Elfie: our Elf on the Shelf

No kidding. I once felt exactly like Jen who writes People I Want To Punch In The Throat (PIWTPITT) about the Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies. If you haven’t read her blog, and you hate or in any way dislike the Elf…you’re going to love Jen’s post. So with that said, I have had a transformation (Sorry, Jen) and I am now sharing a 2011 recap of the Elf on the Shelf from our house. Last year was either an Elf on the Shelf enlightening experience for me or I’m insane.

Stories of this Elf were like an urban myth. My daughter’s Godmother told me countless stories about her elf’s adventures at their house. These were my thoughts: “What in tarnation? It’s bad enough to sell the Santa story. Now I’ve got to sell a super-not-real-looking elf and mess my house up even more with his phony escapades? Just to get my child to be good…and for a short amount of time each year?  Santa and the Elf aside…I’m more of an advocate for good ol’ fashioned guilt.  Just be good all of the time (yup, all year) because God is always watching…and Christmas is for celebrating the birth of Jesus.”

With all my thoughts disclosed, we received the Elf as a gift when our daughter was a baby. We started leaving the Elf out in the same place for weeks. It wasn’t a big deal and not much fun. My husband and I made no effort because we didn’t know why we needed to do this elf thing and at the same time she didn’t seem very interested. Then my daughter’s school started using the Elf. She believed it. And the rules of not touching the elf were instilled. Next thing you know, our Elf at home had a name…Elfie.

Finally, I began to make an effort. Props made this activity more exciting. Last year was the first year we had fun with the Elf and below is a recap in photos.

Elf Collage Recap

Elf in the manger

Elfie Cards

And this was my favorite Elfie scene from last year.

Card Shark Elf

Deep down, these cocktail napkins from Hunter’s Pharmacy say it all…

There are no freaking elves

I love those napkins! However, I have to admit, Elfie has been positive, and dare I say, magical at our house.

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