Tote-ally Tuesday: I’m Just Going to Carry It

Welcome back to Tote-ally Tuesday. Last week I was participating in the Arkansas Women Bloggers BLOGtober Fest.

This is a combination of week 3 and 4 of my personal challenge to ban the plastic bag and utilize a reusable tote. Find the earlier posts here.

I have to confess there have still been instances where I have forgotten to take a bag into a store with me.  I haven’t purchased much lately and have refused a bag as I walk out stores with my few purchased un-bagged items.

Again this week, I’m featuring the skit from IFC’s Portlandia starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. This is the entire scene which includes Jack McBrayer (from 30 Rock) who forgets his bag and finally declares, “I’m just going to carry it.” He hugs, juggles and balances his groceries as he attempts to exit the store. That part begins about 1:98 and it makes me laugh because I can relate.

Other than the times I’ve forgotten my bag, the plastic bag ban is going well. And stores are making it easy.

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  1. Margo says:

    I’m still trying to remember my bags too. Once they’re in the trunk of the car, where Rick tends to stash them, I never remember to take them into the store. I have to have them in the back seat so I can SEE them when I get out of the car! And once I’m at the checkout, is not the time to say, “Wait a sec, I have to run out to the parking lot and get my bags!” Ay yi yi!! 😀

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Seriously, I forget my bags every time! I explain to the clerk that I don’t use their bags and stores seem to be agreeable to letting me walk out of the store with items outside of bags or in the cart.

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