Fall Fashion Buzz from Southeast Arkansas

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Did I mention that this week I’ve accepted a challenge to write a series of posts for the Arkansas Women Bloggers BLOGtober Fest (October 15-19)? Click on the BLOGtober Fest image to see fabulous posts from other Arkansas Women Bloggers all across Arkansas. Today is Day One: Fall Fashion and decorating. This is Part 2 of my posts today. My first post is about the Falls Hottest Accessory.

Fall Fashion Buzz from Southeast Arkansas

My look for fall is always a black turtleneck, black pants or jeans, black boots, faux diamond earrings (shhhh….don’t tell anyone they aren’t real) and some pop of color with a jacket or scarf. Not too exciting so I knew I had to call a local fashion expert.

I need to tell you that women in the Delta ooze style. Moving here from the laid back Ozark National Forest, I quickly realized I had to step up my fashion sense a notch (okay, lots of notches). I have several fashionista friends and reached out to one regarding the must haves this fall.

This is straight from my little, tennis-czar, super fashionista, otherwise known as Maria (She’s always got it goin’ on):

Delta Fall Must Haves for Southeast Arkansas

The buzz must haves this fall include short skirts + short boots. Colored skinny jeans + cape/poncho as well as a lo-hi top (I call a mullet top)

Maria told me in about 10 seconds the fall must haves: 

  • short boots with short skirts and throw some patterned tights in with it
  • ponchos
  • capes
  • hi-lo tops (I call these mullet shirts)
  • skinny colored jeans (wear with the hi/lo top)

For when I turn my style volume up a notch, I’ll be looking for a hi-lo mullet type top,  some fall colored skinny jeans as well as some sensible height short boots

In the meantime, you’ll see me sporting a comfortable black turtleneck, jeans and cowboy boots.

Super Delta Moxie props go out to Maria for giving us a sneak peak into her fall wardrobe. Work it, girlfriend!

What is your must have fashion item this fall?


    • Delta Moxie says:

      Julie, thanks! That is actually my friend, Maria, modeling her favorite fall fashion look. She always looks great. Regarding the short boot look…She mentioned that the short boots may make short legs look shorter, but said we can pull it off. For me, I’d add tights and a looser skirt.

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