The Hottest Accessory this Fall

Have you gotten yours yet?

The hottest accessory for the next few weeks is for the young and old…it’s a bandage to cover your flu shot. (I embellished my bandage with some Sharpie flair).

My job requires that I receive a flu vaccine yearly. The deadline this year was October 1 (which I missed).

I normally get my annual flu vaccine. But when I’m not forced to get one, this well-intentioned task seems to get pushed way down my priority list as I begin to cross my fingers and hope the rest of the population received their flu shot.

Last Thursday, every one in my house had received their vaccine. Including our six-year-old.

Talk about a hard sell. The curiosity in her sweet face suddenly became flush as she simultaneously began sobbing with the anticipation of that shot.

I told her this is necessary to prevent not only our family from getting the flu but to protect the people we love like grandma, grandpa, great-grandma, our friends, teachers and little babies.

“You love great-grandma and little babies, don’t you,” I asked her. I continued with, “We’ll even be helping people we don’t know.”

According to the CDC, less than half of us adults in Arkansas (46.6%) were vaccinated for influenza last season. (Click here to see your state.)

Lauran Neergaard, an AP medical writer, reported in a Huffpost Healthy Living article, The Flu Shot: This Year’s Vaccine Guards Against New Strains, that the CDC spotted new trends in influenza vaccinations last year.

  • Babies and toddlers seem to be getting protected better than the rest of us.
  • Roughly a third of teanagers got a flu vaccine.
  • About 47 percent of pregnant women were vaccinated.
  • Just 66 percent of seniors were immunized even though they are at especially high risk of severe illness or death if they catch the flu.

So, Where Can You Get Your Shot?

In Lake Village, the Arkansas Department of Health, Chicot County Health Unit will be having a Mass Flu Clinic on Friday, Nov. 2, 8 a.m to 6 p.m., at the Lakeside Administration Building, 109 Lakeside Street, Lake Village.

A Mass Flu Clinic is a day-long event during which the community comes together to immunize as many people as possible.

Bring your driver’s license and insurance, medicaid or medicare card. The immunization is free on this day.

Click here for a list of Arkansas Department of Health Mass Flu Clinics in Southeast Arkansas.

Lake Village Clinic, 2918 Louis Sessions Street in Lake Village is also offering flu shots for $20 during normal business hours. Just go to the front desk to register.

The Mainline Clinics in Eudora, Dermott, Wilmot, Portland, Monticello will also be offering flu vaccinations and the cost ranges from $15-$20.

If you don’t live in southeast Arkansas, check out this site to find a flu shot near you.

And get your flu shot bandage!

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    • Delta Moxie says:

      Shannon, Thanks for the kind words. Regarding the flu vaccine for children allergic to eggs, I don’t think there is a vaccine for them :(. So, to prevent the spread of flu, all of the non-egg allergy people should get their flu shot and it will help of the egg allergy people.

      From the CDC:
      Who should not get a flu shot?
      Talk with a doctor before getting a flu shot if you:

      Have ever had a severe allergic reaction to eggs
      Have ever had a serious reaction to a previous flu shot
      Have ever had Guillain-Barré Syndrome (a severe paralytic illness, also called GBS) that occurred after receiving influenza vaccine.

      Again, thank you!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Ashley, You are in no way a bad person! I’m the first to admit, it is likely I would not get a flu shot if it wasn’t required of me. It’s probably helpful that your family gets the vaccine. There are other things you can do. The CDC lists some preventative measures like washing your hands, not touching your face and mouth with your hands…stuff we already do.

      By the way, the CDC did not sponsor my post :). But if you are curious in learning more check out

  1. Julie Bulissa Kohl says:

    Wow your job REQUIRES you to get a flu shot! I have never taken the vaccine and probably never will. It’s just not something for me. I am glad people do and are passionate about it! Thanks for spreading the word!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Julie, I know! It’s a job that I can come in contact with really sick people. If I can prevent exposing them to the flu virus and potentially making their situation worse…it’s worth it. If I had a contraindication, I could get around that requirement. Thanks for the comment!

  2. gina says:

    Good information here! I’m so bad at getting my shot in a timely manner. Also, I like getting my shot at Target because I love the Target band aids. hahaha

  3. JamiesThots says:

    This. is probably the most creative take on this topic so far. LOVE IT. I just got my flu shot today. I usually want a Spiderman bandaid or something but now I want to decorate mine. Maybe.

    • Delta Moxie says:

      JamiesThots, Thanks for the super kindness! Way to go on the vaccination! I adore a Spiderman bandaid, too. As a disclaimer, it crossed my mind that decorating my bandage would compromise sterility, but sometimes I do crazy stuff like that. Would love to see what you come up with!

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