Give Me Some Wifi

Often I travel a little outside my corner of Arkansas for work.

This weekend I’m in Tupelo, Miss. and complimentary wifi is available at most coffee shops, restaurants, or businesses I visit.

Access to complimentary wifi allows me to connect to my world and and do things like work on work, read the news, socialize and at the same time enjoy what a town has to offer…eat food, drink coffee and people watch. (By the way, I really like you Tupelo.)

(Yep, sometimes I’m that woman that sits in a coffee shop, restaurant or hospital alone with her iPad or laptop.)

So, it sparked my interest of where a traveler would be able to find complimentary wifi (or wifi access) in 71653…my town of Lake Village, Ark.

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See that red star in the southeast corner of Arkansas? Guess which town is located there?
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I will do more research on this topic, but so far this is my list of complimentary wifi in Lake Village (click on the names in green for a link):

I’ll post about Greenville, Miss. wifi locations later. I’ve got my favorite spots.

Have I left any Lake Village wifi spots off my list? Have any Lake Village businesses/organizations you wished offered wifi? I guess we could ask them.

Let me know.

I’ll keep this list updated.

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