Our Corgi James is Permanently Lost

King James and King Henry

King Henry (left) & King James (right) 2003
palette knife in oil

Way back in 2001, we found two male Corgis on the side of the road in Timbo, Arkansas (near Mountain View). After weeks of posting lost dog signs, classified ads and calling the local vet, we found the owners and they were happy for us to keep them. We were thrilled as we had already renamed them King Henry and King James to match their royal heritage of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite breed. King James (originally named Dotie) exemplified a docile, sweet genuine soul of his namesake. And, King Henry (whose health is currently deteriorating) showed a passion for eating and being down right bossy. However, this post is about James.

When we moved to Lake Village, we frequently received calls or texts of James sightings on the other side of the dam or on the road  (getting updates like these are a great benefit of living in a small community). At approximately 14 years of age, James enjoyed his freedom as well as the company of our neighbors, dogs and humans alike. He always seemed to find his way home to check-in with his family for breakfast or dinner.

Many local people know this already, but last Friday my husband found the gruesome remains of James in our backyard by the lake. It was so disturbing my husband called his friend with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. Arkansas Game & Fish officers arrived shortly to help us come to the conclusion that coyotes may have had a part in his demise and not an alligator as we had first suspected.

We have decided not to tell our six-year-old daughter about this incident. James would be gone for a couple of days at a time roaming our area. So this time he will be permanently wandering. And we miss him dearly.

Rest in peace, dear James.

Damn you, circle of life.


  1. Kathy Ashley says:

    Just saw him one day last week walking down the road. I am so sorry. He was such a sweetie!!! He will be missed..even by this cat loving woman!

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