Tote-ally Tuesday Week One Review

Preparing for success to fulfill this challenge of using reusable tote bags instead of the plastic grocery store bags, I placed six random tote bags in the front seat of my car. And just because they are right beside me doesn’t mean I’ll remember to take them in a store with me. So I wrote a sticky note for my dashboard.
On Wednesday, a trip to the grocery store was inevitable.  I parked, remembered to grab the totes and entered the Greenville, Miss. Kroger on a mission to gather my items and leave with those items in my tote bags.
As I walked up to the cash register, the young man bagging groceries saw my totes and asked for my tote bags.
“Here ya go,” I said.  “Hope I have enough.”
He quickly assured me that he’d make it fit. At the end, he recommended using a few plastic bags. I quickly evaluated the remaining items to the remaining tote bag capacity and said, “We can do this.” And we did.  Yay! I saved some bags today.
The bags were much sturdier than those plastic bags and kept the contents contained for the trip home.
Why am I doing this? To make a difference.
According to the Wall Street Journal article An Inconvenient Bag I mentioned and linked to last week, these reusable bags don’t make a difference either…unless we use them. The Journal reporter Ellen Gamerman reported, “Used as they were intended, the totes can be an environmental boon, vastly reducing the number of disposable bags that do wind up in landfills. If each bag is used multiple times — at least once a week — four or five reusable bags can replace 520 plastic bags a year, says Nick Sterling, research director at Natural Capitalism Solutions, a nonprofit focused on corporate sustainability issues.”
  • This week was positive and I don’t think it will take me a year to convert to my reusable totes.

Do you have any tips or favorite bags you reuse? Let me know.

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