Perfect “Sitting Shoes”

Due to a tennis injury this summer leaving me with a partially torn ACL, my life has changed. Not only has my tennis been halted for the time being, but I’ve become a sensible-shoe-wearer.
I ran into my orthopedic surgeon friend recently. This man guided me through the process of carefully weighing the pros and cons of surgery versus no surgery. I came to the decision to refrain from surgery and modify my activities as well as take on physical rehabilitation.
With that said, he so thoughtfully asked me about my knee. I revealed some important insight…I didn’t think I can wear heels anymore as well as other activities I took for granted like doing the limbo in heels. This modification went way beyond my tennis passion.
He looked at me and said, “When you’re ready to wear heels, I can fix that.” (Keep in mind we are friends and I knew what he meant).
I smirked and said, “Ya, that sounds ridiculous.”
So I’ve gathered some of my favorite shoes and am prepared to offer them to three of my friends who happen to wear a size 6-6.5. These shoes have been in a holding pattern because it’s as if they are negotiating/taunting me.
High Heels: “So really, that’s it? there’s nothing you can do for us? So you’re saying there are no options at all?”
Me thinking: “hmmm.”
And this is the option I have  proposed…How’s this for thinking outside of the shoe box: Sitting Shoes
I can wear my shoes for sitting. Yep, Sitting Shoes As soon as I get up, change into my more sensible shoe. So what if people notice. If my goal is to wear them. Who says I have to walk in them?
I can imagine a social gathering:
Guest or Hostess: “Kelly Jo you look great. I didn’t notice those shoes when you arrived”
Me: “shucks, these ol’ thangs… (I’ll glance down to admire and flex my foot with my legs crossed) “Oh thanks, I had different shoes when I arrived. These are my Sitting Shoes.
Then my heels and I will high five because we made this work.
Of course there’d be the the logistics of what I do with my walking shoes while I’m displaying my sitting shoes. I’ll need a plan, backpack, tote, big purse…
Rationalizing this could go on and on. And what is nice, is that my friends would be okay with my Sitting Shoe system.
I won’t pursue the Sitting Shoe Plan because I can walk and not hurt at the end of the day now with my sensible shoes. If I can live without knee surgery, and live well, I am grateful and will wear sensible shoes. I can still wear a little wedge or shorter heel. Platforms and 2.5″+ are out.
So all three of my friends will get some cute high heeled shoes!
Do you have a favorite sensible shoe? Please share  brand and style with a girl.


  1. Margo says:

    Welcome to my world! I haven’t been able to wear high heels in years because of my knees… and I even had knee surgery! It was the knee surgery that caused me to recognize that it was time to switch over to “sensible shoes.” I have no cartilege left in my knees… my knee surgeon said I have knees like a professional basketball player, but I’ve never been into sports! Ugh! I pass by all the awesome high heels in the stores and stare at them longingly, then move on. (Sigh!) I’ve saved my 2 favorite pair of high heels for years, unable to give them up, so thanks for the “sitting shoes” idea… I might have to adopt it! 😀

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Oh, Margo! Wonder what caused your knees to go bad? I’m with you on walking past heels now. Just standing in them for any length of time makes it hurt. I have shoes just like your favorite pairs and I don’t think I’ll give them up either. We can have the Sitting Shoe Club.

      • Margo says:

        I hate to admit it, but I think high heels made my knees go bad! I used to wear them every day and when I was a framer for 20 years, that’s a lot of standing in them… 8 – 10 hrs. a day. But I looked awesome! 🙂 Now the highest heels I can wear are about 1″, so I have lots of “kitten heels flip flops!”

  2. Delta Moxie says:

    It’s got to be the shoes. 1-1.5″ is all about I can handle as well. Do heels really make us look awesome?…Ya, they kinda do. Dang! We still look awesome in some Clarks, Merrells or Chaco’s.

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