Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days – Day 6

Today was a struggle to find time to paint but I set the colors on my palette and painted.

It’s a tiny 4×6″ figurative oil on canvas panel painting of how I imagine my friend Stephanie Buckley, The Park Wife, looks as she tends to her rose garden. This is not an accurate depiction because she would be wearing pearls with her gardening ensemble and have a glass of sweet tea or lemonade in her hand…or close by.

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Woman with a Wheel Barrow of Roses, 4×6″ oil on canvas panel. Kellee Mayfield

I’m really enjoying figures more and more these days thanks to a friend’s suggestion last year.

The painting subjects suggested so far are a rooster, feathers, pine cones and those pumpkins I mentioned the other day for my friend Dee Ann. Any other suggestions? I have an album of inspiration photos from traveling to paint on my iPhone so those may be showing up. Leave me a comment below.

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