A Painting a Day for 30 Days – Day 4

I live in the Mississippi River Delta area and it is cotton season.

If you drive in the Delta, you’ll see cotton from the road and there’s a chance you’ll see me on the side of the road getting up close to snap a photo. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love painting it. I don’t want the rice to get jealous because I love to paint rice fields as well.

Here’s day four’s painting:

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Cotton. 8×8″, oil on gallery wrapped canvas. Kellee Mayfield.

Day four consisted of driving from Arkansas to Oklahoma for my second cousin’s wedding. Even though the states right next door to each other, it’s still quite a trek…especially when you have a flat.

I arrived to my hotel in downtown Oklahoma City with ten minutes to get myself presentable and hop on the road for the wedding.

What a treat to see my family and celebrate my cousin and her husband’s special day.

I’ll be posting today’s painting this evening when I get back to the Delta.

As we celebrated Labor Day in the states, my thoughts and prayers continue to be with the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. Let’s keep sending donations and what we can do in the relief effort. Share with me in the comments the organizations you have contributed to or what you have done.






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