The Live Maine Lobster that Almost Got Away

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My grandmother’s birthday is today. I had this genius idea to gift this Connecticut born and bred woman her favorite meal of Maine lobster, because she deserves lobster on her birthday, or whenever she wants it. So I found The Lobster Guy online and decided to send her fresh, live Maine lobsters. Done.

Have you ever sent live lobsters to anyone as a gift?

Well, before you do, I recommend checking with your lobster loving friend or loved one to consider how they feel about preparing the lobsters to the point where they are on the plate waiting for its pieces to be dipped into drawn butter.

The Lobster Guy’s website recommends alerting the recipient that a perishable package will be arriving on their delivery day. I discovered this is a great idea because when I sent my aunt this text message:

lobster text, live maine lobster gift, the lobster guy


She responded with this text:

lobster text, live maine lobster gift, the lobster guy, great gift, birthday gift


I texted:

lobster text, live maine lobster gift, the lobster guy, great gift, birthday gift

I thought she was thinking, “OMG what a great idea!” But what was really going on was this:

lobster text, live maine lobster gift, the lobster guy, great gift, birthday gift

My seemingly perfect gift suddenly brought images of live Maine lobsters being released in the red dirt based ponds in Logan County, Okla.

“Be free, you poor lobsters,” my aunt and grandmother would shout as they felt the warmth of the Oklahoma June wind sweep across the grassy plains. Relieved, they’d glance at each other and one would suggest snipping the rubber bands from their claws with my grandmother’s good Gingher sewing scissors before they crawled very far. Those shiny chrome-finished scissors are only for fabric, but she’d allow them to be used in this instance as they were the only one’s to be found on short notice and such a worthy cause.

Before I let my visions get even more carried away, I phoned my grandmother to see if this live lobster delivery was going to be a deal. She immediately stated she nor my aunt were willing to perfectly steam live lobsters to their death and then eat them. The scene I describe above would have become a reality. You laugh.

I assured her I’d sort this out.

One phone call away, The Lobster Guy’s customer service handled my situation perfectly. There’s no need for any direct lobster murdering on the part of the lobster recipient. And I sent this text to my aunt:

Live maine lobsters, steamed maine lobster gift, The lobster Guy, great gift, Birthday gift


Thankfully she replied:

Live maine lobsters, steamed maine lobster gift, The lobster Guy, great gift, Birthday gift


Happy Birthday to my awesome grandmother!


Could you place live lobsters into a pot and steam them? What are some other unique gifts you send your family and friends? Please feel free to comment.

XO Kelly Jo





  1. Yvonne Sangster says:

    I have never cooked one but I would like to try. I have cooked craw fish so I think I could lobster! I have sent gifts of things I have made or painted. I have had chocolate covered strawberries delivered and they were a hit. The most unusual gift I have sent is a knife handcrafted by by husband!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Hi, Yvonne! We are so accustomed to cooking live crawfish in this area that I didn’t even think about live lobsters being an issue. My side of the family doesn’t do crawfish boils so I can understand the hesitation. I’m with you, I think I could do it and we’d make an event of it. I’m glad I discovered my grandmother and aunt had an issue with cooking live lobsters. I respect that. And the company was so helpful and understanding when I called them. Was relieved!

      Chocolate covered strawberries are delicious. What a treat. An even bigger treat is a handcrafted knife from your husband or one of your paintings! One of a kind!!!

      Hope all is well! I miss you! Heard you’ll be in Mountain View this fall! I’m checking my calendar! XOXO

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Cindy, So good to hear from you! Thanks! No live lobsters for you to prepare! Send her dead, pre-steamed, tasty lobsters as gifts!!!! Or else they’ll be released into a central Arkansas lake or river. Totally respect that! Hope your summer is going well! Happy Fourth!

  2. Christie Ison says:

    i had to do this in culinary school and hated it! They also made us stab their heads before putting them in… I just couldn’t do it. A fellow student did that part for me. Bleh!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Christie Ison, See…I would have thought you’d love a gift like that. Goes to show you, folks have a preference on this. It seems loads of people enjoy eating lobster but very few want to prepare them…even chefs! Stab their heads? Is that to release steam? I don’t know if I could do that part. Ok, take live lobster gift off of Christie Ison’s list unless someone else wants to handle the head stabbing and cooking task. You’ll take them pre steamed, Christie?

      OMG, y’all…FancyPantsFoodie commented on my blog…squeee!! You will not regret this…Go follow her on everything: Facebook , Instagram, twitter, her blog at

  3. Debbie S. says:

    Lord please give me the chance! Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, I have steamed countless blue crabs. I am convinced the good Lord put these creatures on this earth to share some happiness!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Debbie S., blue crabs sound delicious! Everyone for future reference, Debbie S. will be happy to receive Live Maine Lobsters as a gift! Thanks for stopping by and being pro live lobster delivery:)

  4. Sioux Johnstone says:

    Very funny! We have ordered a lobster clambakes from The Lobster Guy on two occasions, and we LOVE them. We get a group of friends together who each contribute cash, and we have a big party. Some are a little freaked out by the fact that their lobster was alive earlier in the day, but it’s the only way to do it. The Lobster Guy has everything covered, making sure it’s as simple as possible.

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Siouxjohnstone, Thanks for stopping by! What a fab idea to go a group to pitch in to order the lobster! What fun! Thanks for the idea! A lobster clambake would be super swanky in Southeast Arkansas. Totally agree about The Lobster Guy! Great customer service!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      You never let me down, Jeanettadarley! I don’t have a pot that big, but I figure if I ever receive such a gift, I’d crowdsource a big pot for the occasion and then return it. I’m with you…they are giant crawfish. Would you stab it in the head like Fancy Pants Foodie had to do in culinary school? Not thinking that is totally necessary. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you’d be open to receiving Live Maine Lobsters. Anyone looking to send Jeanetta, something unique can add Live Maine Lobsters to the list! 🙂

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