Delta Dawn Visits from the UK and the Top 10 Things to Do In the Arkansas & Mississippi Delta with Her

Remember February 23 in Arkansas? Well, Cassie Jo and I escaped with a girl trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico as ice was quickly accumulating on every surface during a winter storm. She knew I had vacation days to use and we both wanted to runaway from our cares (temporarily). Cassie Jo is one, excellent trip planner. She just tells me when and where and I know it will be the best deal. And she didn’t let me down.

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We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called the Platinum Yucatan Princess in Playa del Carmen. I don’t normally stay at all-inclusives, but it was wonderful.

hola from play del carmen

A little worried our flights may be delayed from wintery conditions back in February, obviously we were celebrating our timely arrival to the resort and shared it on Instagram for our followers. Dawn took this picture of us.

I’ll write more about the resort later, but I have to tell you about the friend we made. In the meantime, you can read Cassie Jo’s  Trip Advisor review here and mine here.

Within two hours of our arrival, Cassie Jo met Dawn. Dawn arrived from London the day before. She was sitting alone thinking about where she was going to dine when Cassie Jo, complimented her shoes. And then I met her. We all talked for ages and then asked her to join us for dinner at the resort’s hibachi restaurant.

Dawn shared that this was her first trip alone and all her friends across the pond insisted she’d find friends at the resort. And did she ever. The three of us were inseparable.

Three of us on the beach

As we soaked in the sun and sipped tropical drinks on a sandy white beach in bikinis, we talked about our family, friends, the Delta, Lake Chicot and the Mississippi River. We described how our corner of the world was very rural, different and special. Of course, we were intrigued with stories of her family, career, flat, London and Essex where she lives just outside of London. We couldn’t get enough and it seemed we lived a lifetime in seven days.

On the day we left (Dawn still had three days until she departed), Dawn announced she’d love to come visit us. As Southern women are always hospitable, we said, “For sure, Honey! You come visit us any ol’ time!” Well, three months later, Dawn, her petite self, gorgeous smile and ever-so-charming British accent arrived at the Little Rock’s Bill & Hilary Clinton National Airport for a visit the Arkansas Delta for 12 days.

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{By the way, Cassie Jo and I think we would make excellent ambassadors for the Delta. Just send us away on exotic beach trips and we’ll befriend people and bring them back to the Delta to visit. Think about it. Sponsorships available.}

delta dawn, british invasion in the Delta, UK comes to the Delta, travel, International Delta visitor, platinum yucatan princess, Delta, Arkansas, Mexico, LIT, Playa del carmen, what to do in the Delta, dumas, doe's eat place, pontoon ride, friends, southeast arkansas

What did we do with Delta Dawn? After a bonus road trip to New Orleans for a girl’s weekend within 24 hours of her arrival, we conquered the Delta. Here are my top 10 things to do in LA (lower Arkansas), The Delta to be specific.

  1. Tour Arkansas’ recently restored last antebellum home along the banks of the Mississippi River, Lakeport Plantation 
  2. Eat a fine steak at Doe’s Eat Place in Greenville, Miss.
  3. Buy cool stuff at The Paul Michael Company (And then go meet Paul and Debbie in person.)
  4. Pontoon Ride on Lake Chicot and participate in a Poker Run by Boat
  5. Try your luck at Harlow’s Casino Resort (at the foot of the bridge, Greenville, Miss.)
  6. Enjoy Arkansas’ best steak at Taylor’s Steakhouse in Dumas
  7. Savor world renown Rhoda’s Hot Tamales
  8. Fancy the sunsets on a Lake Chicot dock with your a glass of your favorite wine
  9. Ride the Levee along the banks of the Mississippi River (which is the very same levee that follows the river to New Orleans)
  10. Relax and unwind at the Moss Plantation’s pool in Dumas highlighted with a crop duster flyby

I’ll share posts of our adventures with Delta Dawn. She said her trip to the Delta was the best holiday she’d ever experienced. (She really said that. And she’s well traveled.) Dawn was overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone she met and proclaims she will be back to the Delta. We can’t wait because we miss her!

Did you have an opportunity to meet Dawn?

What would you add to the list of things to do in the Delta?

Let me know in the comments!

XO Kelly Jo



  1. Sharon Bryant Mazzanti says:

    Yes, Met her at our friendly little Country Club in Lake Village. She was delightful…I can see why you three hit it off so well. Dawn had nothing but nice things to say about her adventures in The Delta….Next time she comes, let’s have a “party”….Southern Style.

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Tisha, thanks for a Lakehouse Party experience! She will never forget it! A Lakehouse Party should be on the top 10! She loved ya’ll! You did lots of the top 10 with her!!!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Grace Grits and Gardening, Definitely UD is on the list for our next visit! I really wanted to get her to Clarksdale, MS and then scoot over to Helena & down, but we ran out of time. We had a ball! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I know you are enjoying Fayetteville! Your house looks marvelous!

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Eliz504, you know she loved New Orleans, too! Our lives will never be the same!!! I’m so grateful for your willingness to be our tour guide! Epic trip. The New Orleans trip is my next installment. I’m having to edit it. I’ll be touching base to confirm details.

      “Hellooo, Elizabeth, this is Mary Poppins with your word of the day…” That needs to continue!

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