Mosquitoes Gone Wild

Front page headline this week:

Mosquitoes Gone Wild, Southeast Arkansas, Lake Village, Mosquitoes are bad

A few weeks ago, I shared my favorite mosquito with you. Now, those bloodthirsty pests have made their way to the front page of the Chicot County Spectator, our local newspaper. The Spectator reported a topic of the City Council as “Mosquitoes Gone Wild”.

Mosquitoes gone wild, mosquitoes front page news, Chicot county spectator, I hate mosquitoes

Basically, the mosquitoes are wreaking havoc on our community so much so that people are leaving football games early. It’s the normal mosquito infestation types of activities like swarming humans, buzzing in their ears, and sucking their blood. There is some scientific evidence here. The mosquito control company installs traps around Lake Village and then compares data from the different locations. According to the Spectator, the numbers are abnormally high.

Anyway, it’s being handled.

If I must go outside at dusk, I apply a good heaping of mosquito repellant. And Cutter, thank you for sending me all kinds of products to ward off those brutal pests. At a blogging conference (BlissDom) in March, I convinced begged Cutter to send me one of their basket of goodies because of where I lived. I’ve been using their items all spring, summer and fall. Cutter, feel free to send more.

Cutter Mosquito defense, Cutter Produtcts

Love these little purse sizes of mosquito spray. Feel like it makes me invisible to those freaks.

Anyone battling those mosquitoes? We still have our door fan blowing non-stop. (Want to know what a door fan is? I’ll tell you later. It’s just one part of our mosquito defense.)



  1. Jodi says:

    I definitely share your strong disdain for those little critters. I feel like they chase me inside all too often when I’m trying to enjoy the great outdoors!

  2. Delta Moxie says:

    Jodi, they’ll chase you and they’ll hitch rides on your body (like on the your back where you can’t see them) to get inside your house. Yep, that’s true. Let’s make promises to stay outside more and show them!

  3. Rhonda B. says:

    Girl, I grew up in the east part of AR, so I get it! When we go back to visit, it’s almost unbearable. And the people up here in NW Ark think we have it bad here….no way. No comparison. Hoping cooler temps will soon bring you some relief. Rhonda 🙂

    • Delta Moxie says:

      Rhonda, I can tell you get it! It seems to be prevalent in the eastern part of the state for sure. I used to be like those NW Ark folks and say how bad the mosquitoes were when we lived in Mountain View…that’s so cute. Thanks for the wishes for cooler temps, relief and the comment!

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