Thirty Paintings in 30 Days: Day 10

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days: Day 10

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“Another Greenville Bottle Tree,” by Kellee Mayfield, 2×5′ oil on canvas.

Today’s painting is another take of the bottle trees. It measures 2×5′ in oil on canvas. It’s loose with a touch of wonky.

I’ve been using RF oil sticks and I absolutely love them. I have a set of the transparent oil sticks as well as a black stick. I don’t paint the entire canvas with the sticks but they are great for laying down color. They are creamy, smooth and rich in color. If a spot seems too thick, I am able to push the color with a wet brush. I love these oil sticks.

From yesterday’s painting, I found out there were two bottle trees at McCormick Book Store in Greenville, Miss. Someone shared with me on Facebook that the bottle tree was in their yard. They shared a photo with me. I have a photo of their tree which is different than the bottle tree I had been stalking.

I’m wondering if the other bottle tree is in their backyard or front yard. If it’s in their front yard, I’ll put it on my bottle tree stalking route. Or I could politely ask if I may take photos of the other bottle tree without being stalky. I think the latter is what normal people would do.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to know there is another awesome bottle tree in Greenville. The two that were at McCormick Bookstore are stunning. The array of bottles are interesting and I can’t help but be drawn to the light shining through the glass.

This painting will be available at Midtown Gourmet and Gifts (old McCormick Bookstore) in Greenville as soon as it dries.

There may be another bottle tree painting for you tomorrow.

Thank you for joining me during this painting challenge. I appreciate you.

I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 11.