Man Fashionista

I’m at a business meeting and having the opportunity to spend time with my team.

Our normal workdays are spent wearing scrubs so it’s interesting to see what we choose to wear outside of our day-to-day environment. For instance, check out my friend Paul’s pattern-on-pattern attire for this evening’s event. And notice the colors.


What do you think? He’s got pin stripes, purple Glenn plaid shirt and retro jewel toned for tie. Personally, I give it a thumbs up.

Do you throw variance in your colors? Tell me about your favorite pattern-on-pattern combinations.

25 Things Every Mom Needs for Dance Recital

dance recital items, what to use at a dance recital, recital hair,

Want to see a fish out of water? Come follow me this week after work as I prepare for and attend rehearsals for my daughter’s dance recital Saturday.

Let me first explain that we had our daughter later in life. Focused on my career, I was 36 and had never changed a diaper when our bundle of joy arrived…and now I’m in charge of preparing her for a dance recital all by myself?  Most friends my age have kids twice my daughter’s age. I didn’t realize we lived so differently during dance recital season. So this, behind-the-scenes, seemingly chaotic event wasn’t even on my radar. I’ve learned it takes a little planning and preparation to make the dance recital less foreign to this mom.

If the other moms didn’t notice, I’ve been studying and observing them…not in creepy, stalky kind of way. But in a…What did you bring in that bag? How do you make a bun with this thing and hair? Oh, bobby pins should match the hair color. How many safety pins can a person have? Are safety pins still being manufactured?…kind of way.

So here’s my list:

25 Items Every Mom Needs for Dance Recital

  1. A large bag for the rest of the items on this list
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Q-tips
  4. Travel-size packet of tissues
  5. Bobby pins (Bring various sizes and in the color of your child’s hair.)
  6. Ponytail holders/Hair elastics
  7. Comb and brush
  8. Hairspray
  9. Bun making accessory (I use the original hairagami. It makes a nice even bun even for an amateur like me. Check out Pinterest for plenty of other options to consider.)
  10. Foundation/base/powder
  11. Baby Powder for itchy costume relief
  12. Eyeshadow in a rainbow of colors you’d never normally wear (Or you might.)
  13. Mascara (Understandably, kids don’t seem to grasp the concept of mascara. You may need those baby wipes and Q-tips mentioned above for this step.)
  14. Blush
  15. Lipstick
  16. Make up brushes
  17. Clear nail polish for mending snagged tights
  18. Safety pins in a variety of sizes (Be a doll and share these without expecting them to be returned.)
  19. Costume Notes (Our dance teacher provides a sheet with costume photos and how accessories are to be worn. It’s also cross referenced with the song. I find this to be genius and very handy.)
  20. Costumes and accessories (“Keep these organized, people.” I say things like this to myself.)
  21. Recital schedule
  22. Non-stain-potential activities to pass the time during the recital (deck of cards, iPad, kindle or games. Kids never seem to be interested in the “let’s all sit motionless” game.)
  23. iPhone, camera or video camera
  24. Recital gifts for post-recital celebration (I don’t put his in my bag, but I wanted to mention it because I would not have known about this. {This is one my “I don’t know what I don’t know” kind of issues for me} Recital gifts are a tradition. Our local florist is great at handling and delivering some festive balloons, flowers or gift arrangements in various price ranges.)
  25. Shoes (Don’t forget the dancing shoes.)

I keep the majority of these items in my bag all year to ease my last minute preparations and maintain my sanity.

What am I missing? If you have any additions to the list, let me know in the comments.

Thank you, Jamie Bennett of Dance Stars, for offering dance in Lake Village. Your ability to teach, lead, organize, create and present a beautiful recital amazes me.

Happy dance recital week!

Southern (Delta) Girls Know How to Pack Heat, Too

Girls know how to pack heat too, Hamptons of the Delta, Bourbon and boots, Bourbon & Boots, Bullet earrings, 40 caliber earrings, earrings, bullet gifts

Do you have a concealed weapons permit? Well, taking a concealed weapons class is on my To Do list this year. I haven’t taken it yet, but I received the perfect pair of earrings hand selected from Bourbon & Boots to review and get me fired up about getting my permit.

What better gift to give a recently permitted concealed weapons carrying or gun enthusiast girl in your life? These best selling 40 Caliber Bullet Earrings or any number of bullet related gift items on Bourbon & Boots’ website.

Bullet earrings, Girls know how to pack heat too, bourbon & boots, Bourbon and Boots, Artie Keinard, bullet gifts

40 Caliber Bullet Earrings from Bourbon & Boots. Old made new again by Michael “Artie” Keinard owner of Artifacts N Relics,

Michael “Artie” Keinard created these earrings and sent them to me personally. With a kind note and everything!

Living in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, Artie owns Artifacts N Relics and he makes things. He recalls taking things apart to see how they work since he was a very small child. He has a passion for reusing and loves making old new again.

His best selling 40 Caliber Bullet Earrings are simple, understated elegance with a splash of bling in the center. Just right for me.

40 Caliber Bullet Earrings from Bourbon & Boots (clear)

40 Caliber Bullet Earrings from Bourbon & Boots (clear)

Want to see this video of  The Park Wife and myself at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show last month showing off our handpicked Bourbon & Boots bling? I ordered her Y’all Necklace because, well, I say “y’all” 10,000 times per day. She has bullet Earrings in as well.

Aren’t we cute? Or is it our cute earrings and necklace that make us cute?

Each item at Bourbon & Boots is hand selected from small hand crafted businesses. And Bourbon & Boots is Arkansas based. Their vendors are real people and people we know, like Greenville, Mississippi’s own Lea Margaret Hamilton of SoDelta Candles. I love her (and her candles)!

Can you believe Bourbon & Boots is offering Delta Moxie readers 5% OFF any item on their site? They are. Use the code: blogdeltamoxie14

Bourbon & Boots blogdeltamoxie14 5% coupon 40 Caliber Bullet Earrings Artifacts N Relics Michael "Artie" Keinard Bullet Earrings Steampunk So Delta Candles delta moxie

Now, go find your very special hand selected Southern flair item at Bourbon & Boots. Tell ‘em I sent ya.

Artie, thank you for these beautiful earrings. Your creativity and your flair for making old new again is beautiful.

Disclosure: Earrings  mentioned above were provided to me to facilitate my post. As always, and for your amusement, all opinions expressed are my very own.





Check Out My Arkansas Women Bloggers Foodie Friday Mardi Gras Post

Looking for a dish to prepare for Mardi Gras other than Étouffée or gumbo? Head on over to Arkansas Women Bloggers for my Foodie Friday post today.

My husband, Brad, was a instrumental in preparing and capturing images of this dish.

It’s perfect for a day like Fat Tuesday because it features one of my all time favorite ingredients…butter. Real butter.

It’s a Mardi Gras themed post and it’s one of my favorite recipes inspired from a legendary New Orleans restaurant and family. Check it out here.

Arkansas Women Bloggers


I adore my Arkansas Women Blogger friends! Thanks for allowing me to share this recipe.

Drink Your Veggies Class in Lake Village

Our good friend, Leigh Anthony with UAMS East in Lake Village, asked if I’d lead a class on Drink Your Veggies. Of course I said yes. She asked me a couple of months ago and the time passed quickly.

Leigh coordinated all the details and I showed up tonight at Chicot Memorial Medical Center’s classroom with my blenders and blended.

We made three green smoothies and one pink smoothie for 18 people and everyone in the class was great at giving each one a chance.

drink your veggies, UAMS East, Leigh Anthony, Delta Moxie, Green Smoothies, Delta, Healthy, Chicot Memorial Medical Center, Lake VillageI showed the difference between my Blendtec blender and a standard blender and demonstrated that a standard blender will suffice.

We used spinach, collards, red swiss chard, kale, bananas, beets, apples, fresh ginger, sprouted raw sunflower seeds, carrots, frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries. We easily drank more than five servings of vegetables.

Thank you to everyone who attended and being open to incorporating more vegetables and fruits in your diets.

You can read more about my food journey here.

Would you be interested in attending a class in southeast Arkansas?

Looking for easy ways to consume more fruits and vegetables?

Did you know the Recommended Daily Allowance of Fruits and Vegetables includes french fries? Do you think french fries are nutritious?


Bloggers in Bloom and Arkansas Flower and Garden Show Giveaway

Disclosure:  Tickets for the AFGS Giveaway were provided by the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.  As always, and for your amusement, all opinions expressed are my own.
Delta Moxie Month of Love, Arkansas Flower and Garden ShowIt’s a month of love…and the month of the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show. Wow. Mark your calendars Feb. 21 – 23 at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock. You will not want to miss this.

AFGS image

As a member of Arkansas Women Bloggers, I was lucky enough to gain access to an evening of food, friends and floral fun at Bloggers in Bloom coordinated by Natalie Ghidotti of Ghidotti Communication. Thank you for a fun-filled, informative evening, Natalie.

So last Tuesday, as most of central Arkansas prepared for another wave of wintery weather, a group of Arkansas Women Bloggers ventured to the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show Bloggers in Bloom. Also, the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show generously gave me Two Pairs of Tickets to giveaway to some of  my lucky readers. I’ll provide the details at the end of this post on how you can win. You will want these.

This southeast Arkansas girl escaped the cold damp, barely-above-freezing temperatures to witness the central Arkansas icy wonderland I’d heard so much about. Beginning around Pine Bluff the trees were beautifully coated in ice,  but the roads were clear and easy to navigate…even in my Prius.

In Little Rock, we were greeted at the door by Clark Trim to his warm and gorgeous home that made the wintery outside weather melt away. Colonial Spirits and Wine’s sommelier started our evening with a welcome glass of wine.

Colonial Wine and Spirits, Little Rock, Wine Tasting, Bloggers in Bloom, ARWB, ARkanas Women Bloggers, AFGS2014, Arkansas Flower and Garden Show, Clark Trim

Oh, the perks of being a member of Arkansas Women Bloggers. And I cherish the opportunities to learn something new and gather with my fellow bloggers. What a group of amazing women.

Arkansas Women Bloggers, AFGS2014, Arkansas Flower and Garden Show, ARWB, AFGS2014

Krista Quinn and Darren Irby from the 2014 Arkansas Flower and Garden Show announced the theme for this year’s show…Gardening: That’s Entertainment. As a non-profit organization, the proceeds from the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show provide educational scholarships in horticulture related fields to students in Arkansas colleges and universities and funds for the Greening of Arkansas Mini-Grant Program.

This year’s show is jam packed with exhibits and loads of education as well as hands-on presentations. I can’t wait and will be there to learn all I can.

The Coffeehouse Life Jodi Coffee AFGS2014 ARWB

Clark Trim and Henrick Thostrup of Colonial Wines and Spirits provided us with a fabulous spread of food and perfect wine pairings. I’m telling you they spoiled us and we loved it.

Chris Olsen, Garden, Home and Lifestyle expert, from Botanica Gardens and Channel 11 generously shared his tablescaping tips and reminded us to use fresh flowers and plants.

Chris H Olsen

Change your plants out frequently. If you are thinking your plants or flowers look tired…change them…just like that. Do it. He promises that you wont’ regret it and it will be the best spent money.

Chris Olsen Quartz Bowl, tablescaping, Home, Garden Entertaining Expert

I needed to hear this, because I purchase flowers and plants thinking they need to stay alive for ever. Not so.

Also, Chris shared his tablescaping tips that really make your home personal, warm and share your personality. It’s about showcasing items you already have in a special way. And change it periodically to add flair and interest.

Chris’s other tip was to purchase yellow flowers. Especially this time of year. Yellow is the color of hope…hope that spring will be here (someday). And yellow is welcoming. I don’t know about you….but I’m sold on his yellow theory. (I’ll be ordering something yellow from Lake Village Flowers soon.)

And on a personal note…Chris Olsen is such a genuine, friendly and down right hilarious person. I love him. I wish we could hang out all the time.

Bloggers in Bloom, ARWB, AFGS2014, Arkansas Flower and Garden Show, Dining with Debbie, Ashley Edderington

You’ll be able to see Chris at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.


Two Pairs of Tickets to the

2014 Arkansas Flower and Garden Show

(There will be 2 winners)

Here’s How to Enter

In the comments below, tell me what your favorite flower or plant is. That’s it. I’ll pick the winner at random. The Giveaway will end Sunday, Feb. 16 at midnight. There will be two winners who will receive 2 tickets each.

If you are local, I’ll hand deliver them to you. If you are outside my are I’ll mail them to you with a tracking number. Kids under 16 are FREE.

For an extra chance:

Thank you and good luck.

Again, the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show is:

February 21-23, 2014
Statehouse Convention Center

Show Times
Fri. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sat. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Adults $8
Seniors (60+) $6
Children 16 and under FREE

3-day pass $12

Park for FREE at Dickey-Stephens Park and then take the shuttle ($1 round-trip for adults) provided by Arkansas Destinations to the show!

Arkansas Flower and Garden Show AFGS2014

Tell me your favorite flower or plant in the comments to enter to win the tickets.

 UPDATE: Winners!

Rosanne Johnson

Cindy Smith

Linda K. Woolbright

Since I had three people entered in the giveaway, I couldn’t leave someone without tickets. I took two from the tickets I had for the weekend and gave them to my third commenter. I have contacted the winners via email. So if you won, check your email…I need your address so I can mail your tickets. Thank you all for participating. Your favorite flowers sound gorgeous. Have a fantastic time at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show. I’ll be at the Arkansas Women Bloggers booth Friday and Sunday, so come by and see me.

I Love Adding Words to my Photos with PicMonkey

Delta Moxie Month of Love, southeast arkansas, tennis, picmonkey, words on photos, rural resourceful sparkle

One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing my story the only way I can tell it. And for me, it includes photos with words to help show the whole picture. Sometimes I start adding words and crack myself up thinking, “this is ridiculous…but it feels right.” It’s exactly the way I’d have a conversation with you if we were together standing in that spot.


So today I share what I use for my photos. It’s a website called PicMonkey.

I don’t have photoshop so PicMonkey is my choice for editing photos and adding words. It offers fearless photo embetterment. Transform your photos with fast, easy, gorgeous effects.

When I say, “I love PicMonkey, I mean I love PicMonkey.” If I weren’t married, I’d marry it. But since I’m married, I’d definitely hang out with PicMonkey (if PicMonkey were a person) like my favorite friend. And if we were younger, we would have been in each other’s weddings. We’d talk every day. You get the picture. PicMonkey is special to me.

I use PicMonkey for my blog photos as well as the photos for my social media accounts to tell a story when I don’t think people will read the comments. (Did you know I’m on Twitter? I’m at @deltamoxie. Go follow a girl.)

I even used PicMonkey to create my daughter’s birthday party invitations last year.

pickmonkey invitation, tennis birthday

When I was overwhelmed with packing my daughter’s trunk for camp last summer, I created this Pink inspired meme:

Picmonkey inspires me, camp trunk,

And it inspired me to actually make all of that stuff fit. True story…it all fit.

I created my Month of Love image using PicMonkey. How sweet.

Delta Moxie 300 Month of Love

I used PicMonkey for free during a trial period but decided to upgrade to the Royale membership because I use it is so much and wanted access to the Royale features and fonts. And it shows PicMonkey I’m committed to our beautiful relationship. The Royal membership is only $5.99 a month. And I have never regretted it.

Don’t let that deter you from giving PicMonkey a whirl. You will still be able to do a lot without purchasing the Royale membership.

PicMonkey did not ask me to write this post. I feel as though I’d been keeping PicMonkey all to myself. I wanted to let my friends outside of my blogging world know about it.

Have you been looking for something like PicMonkey? I had. Let me know what you think. I love it.


It’s a Month of Love Beginning with the Statement Necklace

January is a time for reflection and planning for me. And it was great. I promise to share. We’ll begin with “It’s a Month of Love” theme for February as I share posts of things that I love all month.

Delta Moxie Month of Love

To kick this off, I love a necklace. To be more specific, I love a statement necklace.

Here are just a couple from my collection. The one on the left is Grande from J. Crew. I read reviews on other blogs that the Grande was a little too much, but for me it’s just right for any occasion…even a Super Bowl Party. I love this necklace.

Delta Moxie, Rural Resourceful Sparkle, statement necklace, Lake Village, Arkansas, Lake Chicot, Chicot County, Southeast Arkansas

In the photo on the right I’ve combined two statement necli (plural for more than one necklace). The J. Crew Venus Flytrap (the crystal necklace) is a go-to necklace for me.

I love you, statement necklace. Do you wear statement necklaces? Which one is your favorite?

Arent’t you excited about February? Me, too.



Happy New Year

Hello, 2014


There’s nothing cuter than cats flying a plane, drinking champagne, waving mistletoe, swinging in mid-flight, displaying a mushroom and horseshoe as they celebrate the new year. Love these cats.

photo 2-77


The image I have of myself from New Year’s Eve, but my champagne bottle didn’t seem as large.

photo 1-82


And a sweet vintage Happy New Year message.

photo 5-49


What are you doing today? We are grazing, napping and watching the LSU game with our dear friends visiting from Hot Springs (I’m not a wedding planner, but I planned their wedding 14 years ago…that’s another story.)



Dockers® Sent My Husband LSU Game Day Khakis

 I participated in this sponsored campaign for Canopi. I received monetary compensation and product to facilitate my post, but all opinions stated are my own.

I have mentioned before how supportive my husband is of my blog and how he’s my biggest fan. Well, Dockers® locked in my biggest fan’s loyalty to my blogging efforts by sending us (ahem…him) a pair of their brand new Dockers® Game Day Khakis to sample and review.

First, let me tell you about my husband’s fashion sense. It’s simply…plain vanilla (Not that there is anything wrong with that). His attire tends to be more on the conservative side. So when he agreed to test these new pants, I was under the impression I ordered the Traditional British khaki.

Then the package arrived and I wished I had ordered the gold color. Well, my wish came true. My eyes smiled as I removed the bright gold colored khakis from the package. I anticipated what my husband was going to say.

As he walked in from work, he could tell I had something exciting to tell him. After the niceties of yes, we both had a nice day, blah, blah, blah. He asked what I was grinning about.

“Remember when I registered you to receive those Dockers® Game Day  Khakis?,” I reminded him.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Here they are.” (And I presented a pair of sunshine colored pants for him and waited for a reaction.)

He inspected the tasteful incorporation of the team colors and logo. The back right pocket features an embroidered school emblem and printed inside the internal waistband is the teams rallying cry.

Y’all, Brad loved them, as much as I did. Next thing I knew, this man was pitching blog post angles to me. One was “how to wear these Dockers® Game Day Khaki’s for every season and every sport,” as he marched in his closet to gather ensembles for the blazing hot first home football game to the frigid late November games…and everything in between. And there are baseball games, basketball, soccer…the list continued. He mentioned wearing them for “Watch Parties” when we are at home.

Those of you who know this man personally, know you’ll be seeing him in these gold pants around these parts.

Dockers® Game Day Khakis, LSU pants, LSU fashion, LSU khakis

Dockers® Game Day Khakis can easily be dressed up for higher stake events, dressed down for more casual settings and worn to almost any occasion.

So he liked the look of the pants, but how did they feel?

He said they felt great and fit well. (Men, you have pant sizes down. Why can’t women sizing be the same?)

Overall, he gave two thumbs up and a Geaux Tigers cheer.

Dockers® Game Day Khakis, LSU pants, LSU attire, LSU fashion

These are the Game Day Classic Khakis in the Louisiana State University official color for a bolder look.

Dockers® Game Day Khaki lucky pants

Want to know more?

The Dockers® brand has announced the US launch of its Game Day Khakis collection, a new line of khaki pants specific to 10 college partners including Louisiana State University, University of Minnesota, Oregon State University, Texas A&M University, University of Georgia, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, University of Missouri and Washington State University.

#GameDayKhakis Dockers®, LSU pants, Game Gear, Tailgating pants, Tailgating attire, What to wear to a football game, LSU fashion, LSU gear, LSU pantsLouisiana State University, University of Minnesota, Oregon State University, Texas A&M University, University of Georgia, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, University of Missouri and Washington State University.

The brand’s first collection of licensed college apparel will consist of two different khaki styles that incorporate the college colors, logos and mottos. Blending the rich traditions of college sports with the versatility of Dockers® signature styles, Game Day Khakis give fans the ability to express team pride through their everyday wardrobe.

The Dockers® Game Day Khakis collection features two of the brand’s quintessential khaki styles: the Game Day Alpha Khaki, for a modern slim and tapered fit, and the Game Day Classic Khaki, which offers a more classic silhouette. Each product is available in traditional British Khaki and the schools official color for a bolder look.

Go like the Dockers® on Facebook and follow Dockers® on Twitter @Dockers with #GameDayKhakis. Let them know if you have team you’d like to be represented like Arkansas, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Mississippi State or any other worthy universities.

Dockers® Game Day Khakis will be available for men on, and at select Macys stores. The Alpha Game Day Khaki will have a suggested retail price of $78.00 and the Classic Game Day Khaki for $68.00.

I’m impressed with the quality and the fact that my husband cherishes this new addition to his LSU gear. Thank you Dockers®.

I know my husband will be wearing his new gold LSU embroidered Dockers® Game Day Khakis as he watches LSU play Iowa in the Outback Bowl in Tampa come New Year’s Day.

What do you think? Which team do you wish Dockers® offered? Let me know in the comments. Why can’t women’s pant sizing be as easy?